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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savour tantalizing pleasure’

A typical Romanian woman is usually considered Snow White in Eastern Europe. In this article, you will learn how to get your Snow White by talking with her.

Leverage Romanian girls’ imagination. Because women in Romania are not bombarded with sexually charged information on a daily basis (unlike women in Western countries where sexual stimulation is everywhere), they can be aroused even by listening to you. This is how it works: When you talk to a girl from Romania, you should be the leader of the conversation in a subtle way. Look at the example below:

YOU: Have you seen a 4D movie before?
HER: No. Have you?
YOU: Yes. I went to see a 4D film last year.
HER: How was it?
YOU: It was wild. Whenever the plot went to a good direction (you actually say a good erection), the chair made me feel that I was flying into the endless galaxy.
HER: Wow. (She can’t really tell you she heard “a good erection” because the context is about seeing a 4D movie, but she is already imagining sex in her mind).
YOU: Towards the end of the movie, which was also the climax, the water and fog came over and over again to me. (When you say “came over and over again”, she heard “cum over and over again”).a beautiful brunette Romanian woman

Now she is associating you with sex, but she can’t really blame you. This is not manipulation because most Romanian ladies are bored, lonely and horny – their environment is less stimulating compared with Western countries. Therefore, what you are doing is a gift – you are giving her excitement, new feelings and desires that she never experienced before. In other words, you are literally giving her good value for her to enjoy. In the end, you can only get what you give.

When you talk to a girl from Romania, you should be the leader of the conversation in a subtle way.

You need to observe her reaction when you are talking with her using seductive language under the radar. Seduction is a skill. It is something that can be learned. After learning the essential knowledge here, you will need to practice using the techniques. When you are talking to a Romanian beauty, you should look natural. If you are nervous and try to tell her a script that you prepared beforehand, she will know it because Romanian women are very intuitive. Therefore, you would be well-advised to observe her reaction while talking to her. That’s called calibration. In order to become a charming seducer, you must be very well-calibrated. Always adjust what you say and what you do based on her reaction. For instance, if she looks interested, you may start to escalate physically in a subtle way; if she seems to be annoyed, you can give her a hug and gently ask her, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Honestly, she can’t really become annoyed because the context has nothing to do with sex – she simply secretly thinks she is the naughty one.

Do’s and Don’ts:

Do look natural and innocent.a hot fair-haired Romanian woman
Do practice a lot.
Do understand the psychology behind patterning (using sexual language in a non-sexual context).
Do understand that many girls from Romania are lonely, horny and bored.
Do understand that women are equally interested in sex (Personally, I think women are more interested in sex than men because women’s sexuality is contextual).
Don’t look nervous.
Don’t expect this to work every single time.
Don’t assume that Romanian beauties can’t understand English.
Don’t believe that women don’t like sex.
Don’t believe that what you are doing is manipulative (you are actually adding value because this is so interesting).
Don’t believe that women from Romania should be on a pedestal (in this case, you are offering value instead of taking value from her).
Don’t believe that you are doing something to her (in fact, you are doing something with her because this technique only works when she allows her imagination to go wild).

Bonus tips: if you have run out of sexy things to say in the conversation with a Romanian beauty, you can add other sexy elements in the interaction (remember: women’s sexuality is contextual). Here are some examples:
Meet her after sunset. Women are more likely to be turned on when it’s darker because darkness = emotional.
Play some romantic music (e.g. Enya) in the background while talking to her.
Tell her stories about having a massage, the plot of a romantic movie/novel, etc.

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