Venezuelan Women Dating Site on Conversational Skills on a Date

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From meeting a Venezuelan girl online, to taking her out for a date, you have to up your conversational skills. Today Virginia W., resident expert from a Venezuelan women dating website, would like to share her insights with us:gorgeous Venezuelan woman

* The best approach is to lead like a real man. “Most Venezuelan men are masculine leaders in relationships, so you are competing with a group of manly men if you’d like to date Venezuelan women,” says Virginia, a hot Venezuelan lady who looks like Miss Universe or Miss World, “Men from Spanish-speaking countries are naturally masculine leaders. That’s why dating advice is probably only popular in English-speaking countries where men need to work on this area – If you go to Spain, South America, France or Italy, you’ll notice that every man understands seduction as if they are born that way. But of course, everyone is sexual by nature; however, in English-speaking cultures, boys have learned to hide their sexual energy for some reason.” Leading like a real man means you should be the masculine leader while you are on a date with a Venezuelan girl. That’s the best way to build attraction and connect with her. The worst thing you can say on a date is “What would you like to do?” You must man up and show that you can make decisions quickly and effectively. A decisive man is desired and admired by beauties from Venezuela. Therefore, instead of asking her what she wants to do, you should say, “Let’s go to get some ice cream in XYZ street because I know they have the best flavors.”

Leading like a real man means you should be the masculine leader while you are on a date with a Venezuelan girl.

* The conversation between you and the hot woman from Venezuela should be a combination of playful banter and deep topics. If you are only teasing her and enjoying the playful banter, this date won’t take things to the next level. Similarly, if you only focus on deep topics, this date will become a job interview. Therefore, you’d better strike a balance between these two elements. For instance, after having done some playful banter, you suddenly ask her a serious question, “Are you spiritual?” Another example is after talking about serious topics such as her opinions about feminism, you jokingly say, “Hmmm. I can’t imagine a sexy girl like you think that way.”Stunning Venezuelan woman

* Who should pay on a date? Although Venezuela is a Western country, girls from Venezuela are generally not feminists. They are more feminine, so they usually expect men to pay for everything on a date. Many Venezuelan beauties may offer to pay, but they do that just to be polite – they really don’t want to pay on a date! Thus, as a man, you are still supposed to pay. You only accept her offer when she actually takes out money from her wallet and stops you. Otherwise, she is just trying to be polite! So you should always pay on a date with a Venezuelan girl, as long as you can afford to pay. She will enjoy it when she offers to pay but you say, “I asked you out, so I should pay.” Then she will want to see you again and again…. If you let her pay, nine times out of ten, she won’t see you again because beauties from Venezuela appreciate men’s chivalry.

* When to sleep with a Venezuelan woman: In fact, there is no right time or wrong time to sleep with a Venezuelan lady. As long as the moment is right, it’s the right time to sleep with her. For example, you two have very strong chemistry on the first date, there is nothing wrong if you ask her to go to your place at the end of the night.

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