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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania, is also known as ‘Little Paris’.  Because Bucharest is the fifth largest city in the European Union by population, chances are you’ll meet many hot Bucharest women in this interesting city.  This article will help you up your game in a comprehensive way, so that you won’t miss out on any potential girlfriends in Bucharest.  The good news is: it’s relatively easy for you to meet women in Bucharest because women in Romania are curious about Western men, so the focus of this article will be about what you should do after you have opened the Bucharest woman.

  • Become a better conversationalist Maybe you have already read many books about how to be better at conversations.  Now I don’t want to overwhelm you with a host of techniques.  I’d like to introduce one piece of information: When you are talking to an attractive Bucharest lady, simply build on the girl’s conversational links – this alone will make you less nervous.  By that I mean whenever she says something, you should find links in it to extend the conversation, thereby building a rapport and connection with her.  Remember: when you extend the conversation based on the conversational links from her words, you should focus on talking about her in a positive way instead of talking about yourself or complaining about something negative.  Let’s have a look at the example below.a stunning Romanian woman

YOU: Are you a tourist?

HER: No, I’m from Bucharest.

YOU: I really envy you, because local people in this city can really enjoy everything Bucharest has to offer.  You must truly love this place as you’ve lived here for so long.  What do you do?

HER: I am an accountant.

YOU: But you don’t look like an accountant.  I thought accountants are quite traditional and they all look very serious, but you dress differently.  Do you have any interests or hobbies?

HER: I like singing and dancing.

YOU: No wonder you look so artistic.  You must be much more creative than most accountants.

        In the above example, you can see the conversation goes smoothly because you use her conversational links and you are able to relate to her reality.  In her head, she is thinking, ‘Oh, this man really understands me.’  That’s why she will want to connect with you because you stand out from the crowd already – most men will only want to talk about themselves as opposed to the woman right in front of them.

This article will help you up your game in a comprehensive way, so that you won’t miss out on any potential girlfriends in Bucharest. 

  •  Seduce Bucharest women on the dance floor Because Bucharest has a beautiful nightlife, this will maximize your success if you can game the girl on the dance floor.  Therefore, now I will show you the steps (not the dance steps though).

Step 1: Dance to the music and enjoy yourself.  At the beginning, you should show them that you actually enjoy the music, so that women would feel it’s okay to get close to you.

Step 2: Use eye contact or a smile to connect with a girl who is also dancing, and see if she reciprocates.  If she does, dance opposite each other and hold eye contact.

Step 3: Quickly introduce yourself so that she knows you two are communicating.

Step 4: Dance opposite each other and offer your hands.  Keep dancing and hold eye contact.

Step 5: Lead the dance and gradually slow down so that you two can get closer to each other.  Now look at her reaction.  If she is interested, you can touch her hair and give her a kiss on the cheek.  If she is still interested, you can kiss her on her lips.  If she is still interested, you know what you can do next, right?

       I have analyzed and studied a lot of romance movies to bv rolex submariner rolex calibre 2836 2813 m126619lb 0003 mens automatic summarize the above steps, so I do hope you find it helpful.a beautiful blond woman from Romania

  •  How to tell whether Bucharest women are interested or not.  No matter you are picking up girls in the street or in the nightclub, you need to be able to read a woman like an open book – that’s a very powerful skill that any real man must have (not should have).  Therefore, I’m going to show you a variety of signs which show you that Romanian women are interested in you:

Sign of Interest #1: She asks you questions.  During your conversation, if billig vape RDTA she says, “What’s your name?” or something like that, it’s a big indication of interest, because she is curious about you.

Sign of Interest #2: She touches her hair.  During your interaction with a woman from Romania, if she touches her hair or tries to organize her hair in some way, that means she is very interested in you, because most Romanian women want to look very feminine and attractive in front of men they like.

Sign of Interest #3: She gives longer answers to your questions.  That means she is investing in you (and is probably trying to get you now).

Sign of Interest #4: She starts to use more open body language.  This is particularly vital on the dance floor.

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