An Attractive Guy’s Take on How to Get Girls

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Honestly, at the bottom of most men’s hearts, we are a bit concerned that we are not handsome enough.  That is a major secret insecurity for almost every man.  However, the truth is: there is a difference between objective attractiveness and perceived attractiveness.

  • Objective Attractiveness VS Perceived Attractiveness

According to scientific research on how to get girls, objective attractiveness is about symmetry.  To be frank, there isn’t much we can do about that unless we are happy to pay an expensive plastic surgeon, and any operation has a risk.  But there is definitely something that we can do to increase our perceived attractiveness immediately!  In fact, a guy’sperceived attractiveness is often a direct reflection of his wisdom, because to increase someone’s perceived attractiveness requires intelligence, knowledge and skills!wonderful online date

Therefore, this article is going to share some secret yet effective strategies with you, so that you can increase your perceived attractiveness without breaking the bank or taking a risk.  Better still, the strategies that I am going to share with you in this article are actionable, practical and fun!  So, you will be able to implement them in your life, thereby improving the quality of your love life and s*x life.  More importantly, your core confidence will be boosted as well, because you will love yourself even more!

Perceived attractiveness is a matter of how you leverage what you have; pleasure is only a matter of how much you allow yourself to feel.

  • Yes, let’s increase our perceived attractiveness and learn how to get girls.

The strategy I’m going to share with you is lighting strategy regarding how to get girls.

Strategy description: Make sure the source of the light is behind you, not in front of your face.  Choose yellow light rather than white light.

Rationale: Do you know why pop stars and movie stars must wear heavy make-up on stage or on screen?  The biggest reason: when the strong light is in front of someone’s face, it’s harder to hide any skin issues.  That’s why they have to wear very heavy makeup in order to hide their flaws.  When a celebrity is on stage or on screen, they can’t choose the lighting because audiences need to see their face very clearly with the strong light in front of their face—this accentuates their flaws.pickup girls

Remember: on any occasion, when the source of the light is behind you, you have a gentle and more attractive look.  In contrast, when the source of the light is in front of your face, your skin issues are much more obvious.  Next time when you go out on a date, remember to choose the right seat according to the lighting!  Also, yellow light makes your face look better, whereas white light has the opposite effect.  Apart from that, yellow light makes the ambience warmer and more comfortable, while white light doesn’t improve the ambience.  (We all know candles can help, and nobody has ever seen a candle with white light!)

  • Andrew’s diaryabout how to get girls (using this strategy):

This is the beginning of autumn in New Zealand.  It is my 34th birthday party.  I am sitting outside the beachfront bar with a group of friends to enjoy the sunset—the coy sun looks like a yolk, slowly falling into the blue ocean.  The orange sunbeams are brushing the ocean waves gently, and the breeze, mixed with the fresh smell of the southern end of the ocean, is caressing my face.  After viewing the magnificent scenery and breathing in the tenderness, I turn around, and my eyes meet hers—a pretty girl in her early twenties, in a beautiful dress—she is talking to her friends near our group.  Suddenly, she puts on her sunglasses and that makes her elusive, because I want to know if she is still looking at me.

“You look so hot today,” says my friend Michael who has been learning how to get girls from me. “I don’t know why, but your face has this warmth, which actually accentuates the attractiveness of your eyes.”

“That’s because the sunlight is in the background behind me,” I say.

“Do you know that in New Zealand we have the cleanest air in the world, so the sunlight is touching us more directly?” Michael asks.

“Ha!  That’s good to know,” I reply. “I have noticed a very good-looking girl standing near us.  I’d like to know her more, so if she is still here in 10 minutes, you will help me by walking towards her direction with me, and I’ll see what I can do.”meet real heroes

“Sure!  What’s next sounds interesting, but I have a feeling that your smile is so irresistible that she has to wear her sunglasses so that she can keep looking at you and nobody knows who she is really looking at behind her sunglasses.”  Michael grins. Obviously, he is learning how to get girls.

Five minutes later, the girl takes off her sunglasses and walks towards me.  Because she is such a good-looking woman, I realize that I haven’t felt nervous since a long time ago.

“Hello, gentlemen. Can you recommend a drink here?  My friends and I have been looking at the menu and still haven’t figured out what to order.  Any recommendations?” she asks.

“I forgot what’s on the menu, so I’ll get one.”  Michael smiles and leaves.

“Hmmm.  Let me see.  Can I recommend a masculine drink to broaden your horizons?” I ask.beautifl girls dating

“Since I’m feeling adventurous, I’d like to hear your thoughts.”  She slows down and looks into my eyes.  Her gentle voice and artistic slowness make her look like a lady from a classic British novel.

“I will recommend a fewmasculine drinks that a confident woman should order,” I reply.

“It seems that you have a good understanding of drinks.  My name is Vanessa.”  Somehow, her sexy name creates strong sexual tension between us.

“I’m Andrew.”

 Naturally, Vanessa and I become quite close—I invite her to my spa on a Saturday night when no staff member or client is around. Clearly, I know how to get to get girls from me

“Since you write music, you will like this just as much as I do.  This is going to be four hours of sensory indulgence—it’s more than music,” After nibbling her ear, I light the jasmine candles.

“What is your favorite massage oil?” She asks.

“Ocean Waves Fragrance Oil,” I reply. “It’s a mixture of sandalwood, champagne vanilla and peppermint.”

She asks me to lie down on the soft bed, and she starts to give me a massage with my fragrance oil.  The skin on my body is enriched by the sandalwood, and as she rubs my scalp, the champagne vanilla makes me slightly drunk.  As she keeps massaging my neck, back, lower back, bottom, my entire body tingles. 

The jazz music plays in the background.

It feels like paradise. Knowing how to get girls is a bliss.

Before we go to the bath, Vanessa lies down next to me.  It is a long, melting hug from the back.  She starts to massage my chest in a circular motion and moves over my stomach as well.  I can feel her heartbeat, and we are slowly breathing in and out at the same time. 

Lavender petals are floating on the water in the bath, floating with the rhythm of the jazz dating agency

Because I’m the owner of this spa & I can get regular treatment, my skin is suppleand receptive.  After the massage, my skin has even heightened its sensitivity.  Vanessa and I soak in the caress of warm water. 

Our eyes meet.  Her blue eyes look like the blue ocean outside, and I really want to jump into them and drown myself in this bliss.  As our tongues become one, the water laps gradually faster and stronger.  With each movement inside her, the waves of the water energize my feet, my legs and my whole body. I’m glad that I know how to get girls.

 Vanessa and I come together in a very powerful ecstasy – it was like freely swimming in the blue ocean, falling into the infinite galaxy.

“I love you, Andrew.” Her voice is husky.

Increasing your perceived attractiveness is how to get girls.

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  • This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever read in my life. This is, obviously, written by someone that has not the slightest fucking clue about women.

    • Lmao! This article should’ve been called, “How to get girls to look your direction and enjoy it cuz it’s not going any further than that.”

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