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QA QA asked 1 year ago

What is online dating like for good-looking people?

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Diane A. Williams answered 1 year ago

What an amazing question!
Well, good-looking people have a huge advantage on dating websites because everyone looks at dating profiles’ photos before they click on any dating profile. In other words, a photo is the first thing that people will notice on your profile.
Therefore, good-looking people’s dating profiles tend to attract a large number of visitors on a dating website. Lots of options oftentimes lead to a good choice in the end.
That being said, not every good-looking person looks good in photos, so a good-looking individual with a bad photo on a dating site may surprise other daters on the first date in a good way. In contrast, an ugly person with professional photos on a dating site will surprise other daters on the first date in a bad way. Which scenario is better? You probably have the answer already.
Anyway, beauty is a perception. You can always increase your perceived attractiveness and visual chemistry. You can look at fashion magazines and imitate celebrities’ styles because celebrities have hired personal stylists to manage their images – why not use a PR strategy called “stealing and building”? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you can directly copy a celebrity’s look.

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