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Certain rules of communication are the same for girls of any nationality – after all, it’s more about sex, then about generic principles. However, it is the Slavic girls who demand a special treatment, and it will be silly of you to hope for a successful relationship without it. For those who decided to fall in love with Russian beauty, we came up with a list of valid rules, which will help you develop the relationship in the right direction.

  • Being satisfied

A Russian girl, as a rule, does not like to sit around. She studies, she works, she visits galleries – hell, you barely keep up with her. The thing is you do not to. There is no need for you to keep up with your Russian lady. Just remain happy and satisfied with your life: getting only positive emotions over and over, while your girl will get used to perceive you as an oasis of moral strength. I bet you do not mind it.

  • Being masculine

Forget the habit to complain about your problems. Slavic beauties do not really appreciate those who dump their failures on others all the time. Furthermore, demonstrating weakness is simply contraindicated to you: be confident and courageous. All problems should appear ONLY in the past tense.

  • Moving in together

There is no need to strive to move in together in the shortest time, even if you really like her. Besides, your rush may affect the quality of the renting apartment or something. A Russian beauty will hardly be satisfied with an igloo even if she really cares about you. Think about it! This is a totally new environment for her. Don’t fail the test and use our Russian women guide wisely.

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  • Being mindful

Like any other girl, the Slavic woman treats compliments rather tenderly. However, a poor “you look great” will not do here: it is important to show you admire her for real. Fortunately, it will be easy enough with a Russian girl.

  • Being dominant

Chasing a Russian lady, you have strong feelings for, is the last thing. Most likely, there are at least ten admirers who are chasing her. Do not show your increased interest, and merge with the crowd. Stand aside, show you dominate the meetings, and make her value your attention. Such a strategy with a Russian beauty works the best.

  • Being sincere

A lie will not work here. You are either genuinely in love, or try to demonstrate the semblance of the feelings in order to achieve the only important goal. In the first case, you have all chances to get to the fourth base, in the second – you are likely to waste your time. It does not work that way with Russian girls.

  • Being generous

This rule does not mean you have to bombard the girl with gifts 24/7. What you need is to show that you care about her. It will be really helpful for any developing relationships. Look for the gifts she will definitely like, do not skimp and do not save time, buying an expensive but tasteless trinket. In fact, all you need is the sincerity of your own feelings for her in order to come up with a perfect gift.

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  • Being a good listener

The problem is that people often do not know how to keep the conversation going. Thus, you should learn not only to listen but also to hear what her Slavic roots tell you. Being resentful is in her blood: she will 100% feel that you pretend to listen to her attentively.

  • Being able to intrigue

Make sure that your Russian girls eagerly wait for the every new date with you. Russian girls are curious like cats, and this can and should be played. Do not delay the walk until the moment when both of you are bored. Do not ask her out too often: three times a week at the initial stage will be enough.

  • Working on self-development

And of course, you will never win with a Russian girl you are not interesting. Take care of self-development – the mind does not tolerate laziness. Learn new things, visit exhibitions, and achieve new goals.

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