Are you looking for the best Android dating app in 2019?

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In this article, I’m going to introduce the top 3 best Android dating app to you, so that you will download the best app this year.


Tinder logoIn 2017, Tinder is the best Android dating app because it is direct and simple.  Yes, it is very easy to use.  Tinder is a bit like Twitter of dating – you only need to set up a profile and write a description about who you are and what you are looking for (under 500 words), and then you can start to browse other members’ photos immediately.  Based on what you see in each picture, you will decide whether that person is attractive or not.  If you are attracted to each other, then that’s a match, so you can start from there.  All people you meet online are local people near you; therefore, Tinder is certainly the best Android app in this day and age in every single way.

Let’s have a look at what people say about Tinder:

“I like Tinder.  It is my favorite dating app on Android.  I have dated some of the hottest guys in Los Angeles via Tinder.  Great app!  Highly recommended!” (Michelle, Los Angeles)

“Tinder is the perfect dating app for everybody, especially the younger generation.  All of my friends use Tinder and we are very happy with the results!” (Jessica, Seattle)

“Tinder is the most convenient dating app on Android so far.  It not only meets our needs for instant gratification, but also offers a variety of lifestyle choices that we can enjoy.  By that I mean I met a girl who sells phone sex on Tinder.  I only need to pay her $70 and she would show me her naked body on camera for half an hour.  Sounds like a good deal to me.” (John, New York)


waplog dating app logoWaplog is a relatively new dating app, but it’s fantastic.  It has 23 languages for you to choose because its members are all over the world.  This app on Android is a great platform for you to meet new friends and find perfect dates.  Waplog has been regarded as the fastest growing social network in 2017 because now it has more than 60 million members from over 20 countries.  Indeed, it is very user-friendly, so using Waplog is the easiest way to meet people online.

Let’s check out its users’ comments:

“Waplog is the app through which I met my partner – a sweet and pretty girl living in this neighborhood.  Without Waplog, we wouldn’t have met each other and fell in love.” (Mike, Sydney)

“This is a fantastic social app.  Waplog is not only a great place to find dates, but also an amazing platform to meet new friends.  I have met five new friends through Waplog.  Although they are not my lovers, they have become my good friends in this city.” (Sarah, Melbourne)

“Living in the capital of Australia means not having enough dates, as there aren’t a lot of people in Canberra.  I recommend Waplog to all my friends who are looking for love.  My boyfriend and I met each other via Waplog.  Initially I didn’t believe in online dating.  But later on, I tried Waplog and it was really a good experience.  I found my ideal guy within one month and now our relationship is going really well.  Thanks for this awesome service!” (Fiona, Canberra)

Are you looking for the best Android dating app in 2017? In this article, I’m going to introduce the top 3 best Android dating app to you, so that you will download the best app this year.


Zooskmobile logoThere are two main reasons why Zoosk is a great Android dating app: 1) It has a patented Zoosk Behavioral Matchmaking system; 2) It has an easy to navigate interface that places social media at the forefront.  Nowadays, with 35 million users and counting, Zoosk has become one of the best Android dating apps in the market.  If you search Zoosk on Google, you will find hundreds of success stories out there.

       Let’s listen to what people say:

“I really like Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmaking technology, because it brings up the best possible matches by analyzing every member’s profiles, viewed profiles, sent messages and replies.  This is a unique feature which considers all my preferences and tendencies.  In other words, all of my preferences are stored by this system so that the latest matches can be produced effectively.  Therefore, I don’t need to waste my time browsing hundreds of unsuitable profiles anymore.  It suits my lifestyle as I work very hard and I don’t have lots of free time every day.” (Jennifer, Toronto)

“I like Zoosk’s added layer of security.  I sent a seven-second “selfie video” to Zoosk and a staff member compared my video to my profile photos and then marked my profile as verified.  Many members are verified members, so I know this app is trustworthy and reliable.  No wonder there aren’t any fake profiles on Zoosk as far as I know.  I like Zoosk because it is the safest place to find a match.” (Jo, Vancouver)

“I have used many online dating apps since 2011 and Zoosk is the best.  My partner and I met each other on Zoosk last year and we are the perfect match for each other, thanks to Zoosk’s great matchmaking technology.  I think every single should at least try Zoosk and see what happens.  You never know who you will meet!” (Sarah, London)

Therefore, you can see so many people are using these best Android dating apps and have got phenomenal results already. People who provided comments here are real users of those apps and they have kindly offered their reviews in this article.  Now I’d like to add a few tips so that your love life will become even better in 2017: 1) Use more than one dating app to meet even more people because if you are looking for a high quality match, you must have a lot of options (if you choose one out of one, I can almost guarantee that it’s not a great choice).  2) Do one thing for your love life every day and make it your daily ritual – you will see how your love life has become different in a few months.


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