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asked 5 years ago

Is it possible to advertise dating websites on Facebook?

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answered 4 years ago

What a professional question!
It’s possible, but it’s difficult. Please allow me to explain this in detail.
If your Facebook ad is “Dating Website” or includes this phrase/keyword “dating”, chances are Facebook won’t approve it. Usually, topics such as “making money online”, “fat loss” and “online dating” are avoided by social media platforms such as Facebook as there are too many businesses selling these products/services – when too many people are doing something, some of them aren’t genuine – that’s just statistics. Sad but true.
But if you are pretty sure that you have a legitimate dating site that should be promoted on Facebook, you can tweak your Facebook ad & here is how:
Let’s say your dating site is about introducing lesbian women and bisexual women to each other online. Now your Facebook ad can be “lesbian and bisexual women’s club” – in this way, you’ve avoided “dating”, “online dating” and “dating website” as these keywords are usually not allowed on Facebook ads.
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