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asked 5 years ago

What happens when you meet someone in person first time after online dating?

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answered 4 years ago

When you meet someone via a dating site, you’ll have a date pretty fast. This first date is very important because the first impression is very lasting. Therefore, don’t f*ck this up!
Also, you must make sure you are safe because you are actually meeting a stranger. So, you would be well-advised to inform at least one friend of your whereabouts. Ideally, you can ask your friend to sit in the same café and watch you from a distance.
Only meet the online dater in a well-lit place such as a coffeehouse or a restaurant. It has to be a public venue. Never directly go to that person’s house, please.
Even if it’s a hookup dating site, it doesn’t mean you should sleep with that person immediately. The first date should be an interview, so you need to evaluate whether that individual is okay or not. Note that dating is much more than looks. Don’t be fooled by someone’s attractive appearance because there is always more to explore about that person. Hence, you should take your time and see how it goes. And never ignore red flags. As long as you are confident, capable, experienced, sophisticated and charming, you won’t become desperate.

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