Korean women and their unique view points that are highly debatable

Korean women

It seems that talking to Korean women requires good calibration because you don’t want to offend them. Thus, well-calibrated men can do well in dating Korean girls.

  • This Korean lady maintains that “less important” subjects at school are actually more important than you think.

Cathy (a 29-year-old Korean woman who works as a school teacher): Currently, there is a debate about whether schools should only offer subjects that can help students’ future career success (i.e., subjects such as sports and music are irrelevant).  As far as I am concerned, I believe subjects such as music and sports are equally important.

Compelling arguments can be made that those seemingly unimportant subjects such as art, music and sports are actually just as important as core subjects like English and math.  The first point with respect to this is that art, music and sports make a student a well-rounded person.  There is no denying that a young person who is artistic and athletic is more likely to be physically and mentally healthy.  Furthermore, subjects like art, music and sports help students to identify their interests and hobbies early in life.  True, if a young person is able to know what they are really passionate about, they can continue doing what they enjoy in their adult life.  More importantly, sports, art and music help students strike a balance in their learning at school.  Clearly, if students only study English and math at school, their life will be very boring.sexy korean girl

It may be tempting to argue that students should focus on what makes them more successful in the future.  The fundamental reason for this is that the mainstream society defines “success” in a narrow-minded way.  By that I mean most people believe that making more money is the only definition of success and they think learning English and math helps them make more money.  But further analysis would make it clear that being happy is probably way more important than having more wealth in the long term.

On the basis of the above discussion, I believe that subjects such as music, art and sports should be taught in every school, apart from subjects like English and math.

  • This Korean woman doesn’t believe in online dating. (Does that mean offline dating is more popular in Korea?)

Miranda (a 28-year-old Korean lady who doesn’t even want to use social media): People are having a hard time reaching consensus on whether using the Internet to socialize is a positive or a negative trend amongst young people.  To my mind, socializing online is a negative development.

There is no doubt that social networking websites have caused more problems than merits.  For one thing, cyber bullying poses a real threat to the wellbeing of young people.  As a matter of fact, cyber bullying happens on a daily basis on most social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, which has led to the increasing suicide rate amongyoungsters.  For another, socializing online gives young people fewer chances to practice their interpersonal skills, especially face-to-face communication skills.  Undeniably, nowadays more and more young people prefer texting each other on Facebook as opposed to speaking to each other in person.  Besides, too many youngsters spend too much time on social networking websites, which wastes their precious time that should be spent studying.  More precisely, most teenagers spend more time chatting with others online rather than do their homework at home.meet real korean women

To be sure, social networking websites also provides young people with the convenience of contacting friends that are far away.  This is reasonable to the extent that some friends may live in other cities, so it is not easy to see them often.  Still, sending emails to friends would be a more beneficial option because emails are less time-consuming.  Thus, social networking websites are not helpful in most cases.

In the final analysis, despite the fact that socializing online is a popular new trend, it does not help young people when it comes to communication, time management and mental health.  For this reason, I am convinced that socializing online is a negative development in general.

  • This Korean girl is an international student in an English-speaking country; she believes in that language and culture are intertwined.

Jess (a 22-year-old Korean beauty – an international student studying at university in Australia): Today a large number of students are learning a foreign language at school.  But in the meantime, whether students should learn the culture and lifestyle of those who speak the language has become a highly debatable issue.  Speaking for myself, I think students should learn both language and culture. Many Korean women have the same opinion.

Language and culture must be learned at the same time due to the reasons below.  First of all, language and culture are intertwined.  There is ample evidence suggesting that learning a language without knowing its culture is misleading, which means a language is backed up by its culture.  The second reason is learning culture makes learning language more interesting.  As we know, studying a foreign language is not an easy task; hence it is necessary to incorporate the cultural part in the process so that learning becomes more stimulating.  A third point I would like to make in support of this finding is arousing the interest in the culture is the key to long-term learning.  This is best illustrated with the example of bilingual people who spend lots of time exploring the foreign language while discovering new understanding of the culture.Korean lady

On the other hand, it is worth pointing out that there are also arguments supporting the opinion that learning culture is a distraction in terms of foreign language education. After all, foreign language education is more about learning the language; thus, spending too much time studying the culture may make the learning lose its focus.  Despite this, an apparent problem with this opinion is without understanding its culture, a lot of language points do not make sense because sometimes learning the culture is the pre-requisite of mastering the language.  Consequently, we should not overlook the importance of learning its culture.

For my part, after considering the arguments above, I feel that learning both language and culture is the best way in this aspect.

  • This Korean woman wants to look after her children by herself (she doesn’t believe that grandparents should look after grandchildren, so if you marry her, your parents will thank you).

Molly (a 23-year-old Korean woman who just got pregnant): At present, an increasing number of parents rely on their children’s grandparents for childcare.  In my view, this is a negative trend.

It is obvious that depending on children’s grandparents for childcare bring about a host of issues.  First and most importantly, the relationship between parents and children is the most important relationship in the family.  Indisputably, the love between parents and children is the only unconditional love on the planet; therefore, if parents do not spend enough time with their children, it is harmful for children’s wellbeing and development.  Another problem is grandparents are generally older, which means they probably do not have enough energy to look after very young children very well.  It is true that childcare is an exhausting job which does not really suit senior citizens.  In addition, it is unfair for grandparents to take care of their children’s children because elderly people have the right to enjoy life.  It is obvious that childcare is probably more than a full-time job which requires a lot of effort and time – that is to say, grandparents who have retired cannot savor their retirement once they have decided to look after young children.Korean beauty

Certainly, I would acknowledge that not every couple have the financial ability or the time to look after their children by themselves.  This is due to the fact that living in modern society is stressful in terms of work and lifestyle.  Having said this, however, parents should still clarify what is more important to them – they need to know how to prioritize their life and strengthen their family ties.

Therefore, overall, I would argue that grandparents would be ill-advised to assume the responsibility for childcare.  It would be wise for parents to look after their own children, which, I firmly believe, is in the best interest of all the parties involved.

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