Keeping a hot wife: What’s your mate retention strategy?

Keeping a hot wife

Many men know how to marry a hot bride, but they don’t necessarily know how to keep a hot wife. In this article, I will talk about different mate retention strategies for you to consider!

What is a mate retention strategy?

  • A mate retention strategy is a way to keep a spouse. For instance, some hot women may flirt with other men in front of their boyfriends in order to make their boyfriends jealous (AKA infidelity threat), thereby getting more attention from their boyfriends. Also, if you read a mainstream magazine for women, you can easily see that 50% of its contents are about celebrities’ gossip and 50% of its contents are about beauty and fashion – this part is completely about how to please men, thereby keeping men around. By the way, the world’s best-selling magazine is not TIME; in fact, the world’s best-selling magazine is Cosmopolitan! Surprising, huh? But that’s true. Cosmopolitan is all about how to please men in bed and how to dress up to please men – In other words, anything that sells mate retention strategies to pretty girls will have a lot of to keep a hot wife

How about men’s mate retention strategies?

  •  Men and women operate very differently and speak different languages (including different body languages). If pretty ladies’ typical mate retention strategies are making their partners jealous, wearing makeup and beautiful clothes, pleasing men in the bedroom, and so forth, then men’s mate retention strategies are more complicated. Certainly, men also read GQ magazine and want to improve their personal grooming, style, communication skills, personality, and so on in order to keep their hot wives, but men aren’t the fair sex. Traditionally, the fair sex refers to physically beautiful gender, i.e. women. Interestingly, human beings are the only species in which the female gender is the fair sex, whereas amongst other species, the male gender is the fair sex (e.g. just look at male birds, etc.). Having said that, it doesn’t mean we are extremely different from animals in this regard – Actually, the fact that men’s mate retention strategies are more complicated than women’s already means men try harder to impress sexy ladies. That is to say, the male gender in our species and the male gender in other species are on the same page because they try harder to keep members of the opposite wife

Typical men’s mate retention strategy #1: Becoming a richer man

  • Do you know why Seeking Arrangement (the world’s No. 1 wealthy dating site) has more than 10 million active members worldwide? Of course, you probably think mainstream dating sites such as and should have more members, right? But as a matter of fact, people who joined mainstream dating sites will leave these sites immediately after they’ve found someone suitable. However, people who joined sugar daddy dating sites such as Seeking Arrangement usually stay on these sites for a very long time, because wealthy men don’t mind paying membership fees in the long term and sugar babies looking for sugar daddies can keep meeting rich men as long as they are still members of these luxury dating sites. Therefore, the real king of online dating is Seeking Arrangement, not Match or eHarmony. Clearly, pretty women find rich and successful men extremely attractive (AKA hypergamy), but they just can’t say so in the mainstream society. Yet all men secretly know this because it’s biologically programmed in every man’s DNA – men are validated by achievement because achievement (especially financial achievement) will surely bring them attractive women! Many men aren’t consciously thinking about this, but this is a fact. Yes, a lot of men are motivated by attention from women. And that’s why they work so hard and want to make a lot of money.sugar babies looking for sugar daddies

Typical men’s mate retention strategy #2: Belittling their attractive wives.

  • This sounds so terrible, but many men are doing this unconsciously when they feel threatened by their beautiful wives’ success and high value. For example, when a man is married to a very gorgeous wife but he feels insecure, he may say something like, “Oh, I thought you can do housework very well, too. But unfortunately, you can’t.” Well, no one is perfect. Very pretty ladies also have their disadvantages, so by pointing out their issues constantly, these men are actually using a mate retention strategy to keep their pretty wives. If a pretty girl feels bad about herself, has low self-esteem or doesn’t feel worthy, she will become needy and will want to stay with her current husband. Sadly, a lot of dumb girls actually do that. But if you are married to a smart cookie and you use this freaking mate retention strategy on her, she will immediately realize how low-value you are, how high-value she is and what you are actually trying to do. Also, she will plan an exit strategy to leave you quickly. This can also happen when the husband and the wife aren’t growing together; therefore, when the sexy wife has grown out of this marriage, she will want to leave as soon as possible.very gorgeous wife

Which mate retention strategy do you use? Has anyone used these mate retention tactics on you? Please feel free to write a comment below and let me know. Also, if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook because sharing is caring. All the best & good luck in your love life!

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