How to surprise your beautiful girl in a good way

beautiful girl in a good way

Being a romantic guy is all about being spontaneous. Are you the type of guy who knows how to surprise a hot girlfriend in a good way?

Instead of buying her generic gifts, be creative and find something really edgy.

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•  Most men are boring – they buy their hot wives standard flowers, generic chocolate and rings from Tiffany & Co. I’m not saying those are bad choices. What I’m trying to say is those aren’t original enough. In order to become her best lover ever, you have to think differently and be creative. For example, instead of buying her a bangle from Cartier, you can buy her a bangle and a thin scarf that matches the bangle from Megan Hess (the illustrator of Sex and the City) who is an international artist hired by high-end brands such as Dior, Chanel and YSL. When edgy art is combined with jewelry, the impact is tremendous. You can also look at Kerrie Hess’s phone cases (Megan Hess’s sister Kerrie is also an illustrator) because those are also original, artistic and unique products. Of course, these are just some examples and it is not an ad for Megan Hess or Kerrie Hess because we don’t get paid for promoting any brands here. We are just here to help you think outside the box and expand your outlook, so that your attractive girlfriend will experience something stimulating with you every year. When your sexy girl goes out while wearing the scarf and the bangle from Megan Hess, those accessories will automatically become conversation starters – other women will give her compliments and she will feel really good! Then she will immediately think of you because you gave her those unique gifts that brought her attention from other women. Don’t forget that women are validated by attention!

Your hot girl can be pleasantly surprised if you give her unexpected experiences rather than material things.

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Men tend to give women material gifts to show their love. There is nothing wrong with that. But you’ll be with your hot wife for the rest of your life, so it’s better to impress her differently at times. In this way, the spark between you two will last forever. For instance, you don’t have to buy her a piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day this year. Instead, you can give her something that she really wants or something that she thinks she needs. A case in point is a premium membership of an organization that she wants to join, e.g. a gym membership, the premium membership of Business Chicks, etc. Buying her a physical gift may cost you $200 and a premium membership of a helpful organization will probably cost you a similar price. Yet the membership may bring her ongoing benefits. For instance, if your hot bride goes to the gym regularly, she will become fitter, attend fitness classes and meet new friends. Or she may want to go to Business Chicks’ events and network with powerful women. There are endless possibilities brought by a premium membership. Yet material things can only take you so far in life.

Surprise her in some small ways so that she keeps admiring you all the way.

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•  You don’t have to give your sexy lady big surprises all the time. In fact, you can surprise her in small ways that can bring you big results. Maybe she thinks she knows you very well, but then you begin to read Tim Ferriss’ books and suddenly you have more interesting things to talk about with her. Perhaps you used to worry about many small things and small details stressed you out. But now you are a new person because you’ve read Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week in which he talks about the art of letting small problems happen so that you can make big things happen. Discuss what you’ve learned with your beautiful wife and implement your new knowledge in your life. All of these will make you a more interesting person that keeps surprising your gorgeous wife. The worst thing that you can do is stagnation and that’s usually the reason why couples grow into different directions and marriages fall apart easily in today’s day and age. Some girls don’t like surprises (most Scorpio women don’t like surprises), but this kind of surprises are the best for growth-driven Scorpio ladies out there!

Do something that you don’t normally do and she will be sufficiently surprised.

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If you rarely do housework, you should do it once in a while so that your gorgeous girlfriend will be impressed. Because you don’t do that often, doing it occasionally makes what you’ve done look more valuable! This is especially true if you don’t cook, then you should totally learn how to cook something and surprise your wife at home.

Maybe that’s the perfect gift on this Valentine’s Day?

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