The art of creating an unforgettable date that keeps a Taiwanese woman

Taiwanese woman

If you want to visit Asia, I highly recommend Taiwan because that’s the most beautiful place in Asia. Taiwan is safe, cultured and wealthy. The only disadvantage is Taiwan doesn’t have a lot of trees in their cities. But that’s not a big problem. The good news is when you go to a city in Taiwan, you can easily see the most attractive Asian women in Asia – yes, Taiwanese women are the hottest ladies in Asia. And this isn’t an exaggeration.

Your date with a Taiwanese lady shouldn’t be an interview.

Taiwanese woman
•  Always remember that your date with a Taiwanese girl shouldn’t be a job interview. Many men make this mistake: When they take women out for the first date, it becomes a boring interview. When you’re interviewing a woman, she is more guarded and the ambience isn’t right. Worse still, the interview kills the mood and ruins romantic thoughts. Therefore, you would be ill-advised to interview a Taiwanese beauty on the first date. Instead, you should totally be spontaneous and connect with her genuinely. Always remember that a date is all about looking for values rather than facts. If the conversation is all about her age, her job and her education, then she will be bored to tears. However, if the conversation is all about finding out her values, that will tell you much more than some basic facts which only show you superficial things.

Avoid the dinner-and-movie dates.

girl from Taiwan
•  Dinner-and-movie dates make women from Taiwan yawn before the movie ends because those dates lack creativity. Chances are this girl from Taiwan has been on countless boring dates like that, so if you arrange an unoriginal date, she probably can’t even remember you. Hence, you have to be more creative, e.g. taking her to an art gallery and asking her, “Which would you rather be: a writer, a painter or a musician?” This question will tell you much more than asking “What do you do?”, especially if you follow up with a question like “Why would you want to be a writer?” Her reasons will show you her true values. For instance, maybe she tells you she would like to become a writer because she enjoys working from home with flexible hours. That tells you freedom is very important to her. In contrast, if her reason is because she wants to make a lot of money like J.K. Rowling, then that means money is probably her top value. That also tells you maybe she isn’t very realistic because most writers are actually starving artists – you can’t really get rich by writing a book unless your book is Harry Potter; most writers I know are poor writers. Only writers who have figured out their business model can make a living through this hobby (e.g. Jeff Goins). Anyway, now you’ve got the gist – you have to ask effective questions to connect with this Taiwanese woman in order to find out her true values and then you will see whether your value system and her value system are compatible or not.

Create emotional peaks at times.

hook up with Taiwanese beauties
•  When you are on a date with a Taiwanese girl, make sure you generate emotional spikes regularly. Don’t expect her to entertain you! As a man in the dynamics, it is your responsibility to lead her to the right direction on the date. Thus, you should create opportunities to connect with her emotionally. For instance, when you are eating ice cream with her at the end of a date, you can say, “If you don’t like vanilla ice cream here, we are no longer friends!” Just say it in a playful way and she will laugh because this shows your fun-loving side. Obviously, you can’t do that easily while watching a movie at home. However, if you do invite a girl from Taiwan to see a movie in the cinema, you can say, “Popcorn or ice cream? If you choose popcorn, you can’t go.” – Just say it in a very playful way and make it fun. In fact, I highly recommend seeing a horror movie together in the cinema with her because she will need your physical “protection” regularly throughout the movie. Another way to generate emotional spikes is to learn something new together. For instance, you can take this Taiwanese girl to a dance class and learn Salsa together. Of course, you’d better make sure that you are probably quite good at dancing if that’s the activity you would like to do with her. Otherwise, this technique can be counterproductive. When you two are learning something together, your brain and her brain are both growing together. That’s a healthy sign of a meaningful relationship.

Change venues at least once.

lady from Taiwan
•  Don’t spend hours in one venue with the Taiwanese girl. Remember to create a rhythm for this date. A case in point is spending one hour in an art gallery, one hour in a coffee shop and then 30 minutes’ walk in the park. Make sure there’s some external things happening at the same time, e.g. the paintings in the art gallery, the music in the coffee shop and the beautiful scenery in the park. In this way, you won’t run out of things to say and there won’t be any awkward silence. In fact, don’t be afraid of awkward silence – that’s exactly when this woman from Taiwan should invest more in you – she also needs to contribute to the interactions and make you happy. Please note that dating is the only situation where both parties are buying and selling at the same time. She also has a responsibility to impress you!

Show her that you have an interesting lifestyle that she wants to become a part of.

Taiwanese beauty
•  If you are a guy with nothing going on in your life, the lady from Taiwan won’t be attracted to you. Sadly, many guys who live a sexless lifestyle because they can’t get girls generally have nothing going on in their lives – the problem of not being able to get laid occupies their entire brain bandwidth. That’s a vicious circle. By contrast, when a guy understands female psychology and can get girls, he is able to get laid and isn’t sexually frustrated; as a result, he has the capacity to pursue his other passions in life as well. That’s a virtuous cycle. Therefore, a high-value guy who understands Taiwanese women is a winner who can look after himself in every way. I highly encourage you to spend 80% of your time working on yourself and only 20% of your time trying to get girls. I remember I was dating a guy who looks like Leo DiCaprio. On surface level, he looks so hot! But as I spent more time with him, I realized that he has nothing going on in his life – he can get western girls, but he only wants to hook up with Taiwanese beauties. Yet he doesn’t know how to do it properly. As a consequence, his computer is full of Taiwanese girls’ photos and his browser has saved countless pickup websites regarding Asian fetish. I was so turned off by that. A guy like that is just like a boring movie with an exciting trailer: the first two minutes is sexy, but the actual movie is a piece of sh*t.


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