The most famous gay couples in the world


LGBTQ is a strong community with a supportive energy that is to be admired. Statistics show that subcultures always win in almost every way, so let’s have a look at the winners – the most well-known gay couples in the world.

  • Darren Hayes and Richard Cullen: If you miss the fascinating music in the 90s, you probably think of the Australian band Savage Garden often, right? Just watch their Truly, Madly, Deeply, and you’ll feel the amazing ambience of the late 90s again! Darren Hayes, the pop singer from Savage Garden, was married to a woman when he was younger. But then they got divorced and Darren married a man called Richard Cullen in the United Kingdom. This gay couple privately married in July 2005 & entered into a civil partnership in the UK in June 2006. Then in 2013, this famous gay couple got married again in California in 2013 to support same-sex marriage rights in the United States. At that time, same-sex marriage was illegal in Australia, so Darren Hayes lived overseas for many years and rarely went back to Australia. Their marriage is so beautiful – Richard designs Darren’s album covers and Darren wrote a song called “So Beautiful” just for Richard. In fact, when Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones were still Savage Garden, they looked gay already, but Daniel Jones isn’t gay. Since Darren Hayes confessed that he fantasized about being with Natalie Portman or Kate Winslet when he was dating Richard Cullen, some people claim that Darren is probably bisexual or pansexual. By the way, bisexual means someone who is attracted to both men and women; pansexual means someone who is attracted to men, women, transgender individuals, androgynous people, etc.Darren Hayes and Richard Cullen
  • Gianni Versace and Antonio D’Amico: Gianni Versace was famous for his fashion empire. Sadly, he was assassinated by a crazy man called Andrew Cunanan on Miami Beach in Florida in 1997. From 1982 to 1997, Versace had a long-term gay relationship with Antonio D’Amico, an Italian fashion model who also worked as a fashion designer for Versace’s business. When Versace passed away, Antonio D’Amico received a lifelong pension – €25,822 each month as well as the right to live in any of Gianni Versace’s houses in the United States and Italy, according to Versace’s Will. Nevertheless, because Versace’s family members were unhappy with that arrangement, D’Amico only got a part of that money. Currently, D’Amico has his own fashion business. It seems that this gay couple had a good relationship, but maybe Versace’s family didn’t support their relationship.Gianni Versace and Antonio D’Amico
  • Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef: As a matter of fact, Ricky Martin had a platonic relationship with Rebecca de Alba, a Mexican TV host, for over 14 years. They even considered getting married. However, if a long-term relationship lasted for more than 14 years and they didn’t even sleep together, that means someone is probably gay. In 2010, Ricky Martin finally admitted that he is gay on his official site. He also told Oprah that he thought he was bisexual. Having said that, Ricky feels attracted to women, but he can only have romantic relationships with men, so he isn’t really bisexual. After dating Carlos Gonzalez Abella for a few years, they broke up. Then Ricky Martin began dating Jwan Yosef, a Syrian-Swedish painter. They got married in January 2018 & their daughter was born on 31st December, 2018.Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef
  • Elton John and David Furnish: Elton John was engaged to a woman – his first lover Linda Woodrow in the late 1960s. Then he married Renate Blauel on Valentine’s Day in 1984 in Sydney. However, some people were wondering whether that marriage was a cover for Elton John’s homosexuality. In 1976, Elton John came out as a bisexual man during an interview with Rolling Stone. After his divorce from Renate Blauel in 1988, John told Rolling Stone that he was actually gay (and he is still gay). Elton John started a romantic relationship with David Furnish in 1993. In 2005, John and Furnish form a civil partnership in the UK. In 2014, gay marriage became legal in the UK, so Elton and David got married. This famous gay couple have two sons born to a surrogate mother.Elton John and David Furnish

There are many other famous gay celebrities as well, e.g. Will Young and Mark Feehily. Will Young is in a relationship with someone who isn’t in the show business. Mark Feehily dated British fashion photographer Kevin McDaid. This gay couple were engaged in February 2010, but they broke up on 31st December 2011.If you are gay and interested in dating a celebrity, you should totally watch this space because we’ll discuss more about LGBTQ and how to date a celebrity on this blog in the future. By the way, if you haven’t read our article about dating a celebrity yet, you must check it out now.

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