Meet Russian Women Free: Why You Don’t Need to Spend Money to Get Russian Girls

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Many men tend to think that in order to meet and get Russian ladies, they have to spend money on dating websites, nightclubs or trips to Russia. Some men even think they need to be rich in order to get Russian girls because they assume that Russian women are all interested in money and status. But that’s not true. Here you will learn why you don’t need to spend money in order to get Russian women. Better still, you’ll know how to do it.

  • There are free Russian dating websites that don’t charge membership fees. Perhaps you used some dating sites which charge a membership fee. But do you know that there are some Russian dating sites that are 100% free? This is how they work: They make money by showing advertisements on their dating sites, so you don’t need to pay anything! Therefore, you can easily join these sites without worrying about your ROI (return on investment)! When you are less concerned, you are a confident and relaxed man who become attractive in Russian women’s eyes.a gorgeous curvy Russian blond woman


  • You don’t have to go to nightclubs in order to meet women from Russia. We all know that Russian women can drink, so many men choose to go to nightclubs to meet Russian ladies. If you go to a nightclub, you’ll have to spend your money and buy some drinks. You even have to pay for women’s drinks, right? However, going to a nightclub isn’t necessarily the right strategy when it comes to dating Russian beauties. This is especially true if you are just getting started in the dating department because nightclubs are traditional pick-up spots where men are competing with each other, which means if you are a newbie, you are literally competing with many other advanced pickup artists in the nightclub. In order to avoid competition and maximize your success, you’d better pick up Russian girls elsewhere.

Here you will learn why you don’t need to spend money in order to get Russian women.


  • Meet Russian women where they least expect to be hit on. The truth is Russian women are very spontaneous and love unexpected encounters. Therefore, when a typical Russian girl is not in the nightclub, that’s exactly when you should meet her. For instance, if you go out for dinner once a week, why not try a Russian restaurant? In this way, you don’t have to spend extra money that’s not within your budget. I’m sure you are more likely to meet a large number of Russian ladies there! Maybe you’ll date the female owner of the restaurant. You never know until you try it. Even if the owner of the Russian restaurant is a guy, you can still become his friend, so that he will introduce you to other women who frequent this Russian restaurant. Usually, a restaurant owner is very well connected.


  • Sometimes, the first impression is also the last impression. Women from Russia are usually very intuitive, so they often make a decision about whether or not they will sleep with you very early in the interaction. Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean she cares about your looks very much. Of course, if you’ve got good looks, that will certainly help. If you don’t look like a model, you can still work on your perceived attractiveness rather than your objective attractiveness. Apparently, you can’t change your objective attractiveness, but you can always improve your perceived attractiveness, i.e. the way you present yourself.a portrait of a beautiful Russian girl

The ability to make Russian women laugh is the key. Instead of buying women drinks/dinner, you can use your humor to make them laugh because:

  • Laughter helps Russian girls relax. She can’t be attracted if she is uptight. Therefore, it’s your job to help her to relax, and laughter is a great method.
  • Laughter makes you two take yourselves less seriously. When you are laughing together, you can’t be depressed or desperate.
  • Laughter is a test to see if this Russian lady has a positive personality or not. If she can’t even understand humor, you know either her English is terrible or she doesn’t have a good personality. So you shouldn’t choose her.

How to start a conversation with a Russian beauty: Don’t overthink it. Just take a look at the example below:
YOU: (look at her as if you are surprised to see her): You look familiar. Where did we meet before?
HER: I’m not sure.
YOU: (if she is smiling): Shall we have a coffee to figure out where we have met?
If she is mean, you don’t want to date her anyway.

When can you spend money on a Russian woman? Only spend money on her as a reward, e.g. after having hot sex with her, you can pay for her dinner.

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