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When one is thinking about a country, they definitely end up looking at the capital of that particular country. In case of the Ukraine, her capital is one of the most famous Eastern European cities, called Kiev. There are lots of things that we can mention. If you are interested in history and culture, then it is certainly the place you should come to visit. There lots of historical and cultural sites that will amaze you. You will be able to learn more about a completely different culture which, nonetheless, shares the same continent with the rest of well-known Western civilizations like the Germans, the French and, geographically, the English.
Let’s have a quick recap of what the history if Kiev has been so far. Well, to begin with, it is certainly the city which has attracted lots of nations throughout its history. We can probably date back to the proper Vikings who are believed to have founded the city itself! Can you believe it?! The notorious Nordic conquerors had managed to leave their trait even in this country by founding her capital. The name Kiev is supposedly derived from the name of the Vikings’ king who built the city, Kiyv. Later on, another Viking lord, called Helg, was the ruler of all the Eastern Slavic tribes and conquered the city of Kiev and made it the capital of the early Russian state, Kievan Rus. If we move on in time, we can witness a tremendous struggle for power which had been taking place around Kiev for centuries until the Mongols subjugated the Slavs to their rule by destroying the city of Kiev which was rebuilt later on. After the Slavs had managed to break free from the Mongol hordes, they fought bloody wars with the Poles and the Lithuanians who even captured and occupied Kiev. During the Second World War, Kiev kind of saved Moscow from falling into the hands of the Nazis because Hitler regarded the city as one of the key strategic locations of the whole campaign. He ordered to turn the main panzer forces away from Moscow to make sure Kiev was occupied and cleared of the Russians. It was the place that saw fierce clashes in 1941 and in 1943 when it was finally recaptured by the Red Army. It saw one of the first death camps set up by the Nazis on the Eastern Front.

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