Hooking Up with Women: The Ultimate Formula of Seduction

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Oscar Wilde famously said, “Success is a science. If you have the conditions, you get the results.” I agree with that 100%. Therefore, I’ve developed the ultimate formula of seduction for guys who are looking to hooking up with women.

  • What is the ultimate formula of seduction?

Engagement + Chemistry + Push-pull + Trust = Seduction (AKA hooking up)

First of all, you need to let women notice you – that’s called “engagement” (This word doesn’t refer to the stage before getting married; it means just means getting women’s attention.)

Engagement can be achieved when you start conversations with women that you are looking to hook up with. Every relationship begins with a conversation. Therefore, it’s time to up your game and become a great conversationalist.

Second, you have to stop playing conversation tennis and start playing conversation basketball. Let me explain.woman is hooking up with you

Playing conversation tennis means you expect the other person to give more value immediately. Example:

YOU: “Where are you from?”

HER: “New York City.”

YOU: “Cool. I’m from Los Angeles. What do you do?”

HER: “I’m a teacher.”

Playing conversation basketball means you give more value to the other person proactively. Example:

YOU: “Where are you from?”

HER: “New York City.”

YOU: “That’s very cool. I have been to New York twice and I really like the ambience of that city. It’s modern, chic and sophisticated. How many years have you been living in New York?”

As you can see, in this example, you’ve provided much more information in your response. This is playing conversation basketball – it makes you look more interesting.

Next, in order to build chemistry, you need to look reasonably attractive. That means you should dress well and use a high-quality cologne. Make sure you are very clean because women respond to cleanliness! Then you can use hell-fire eye contact to accelerate the chemistry between you two.looking to hook up

Then, in terms of push-pull technique, that means you’d better disqualify her in order to get her. For instance, you can say, “You and I will never get along” in a joking way. Now you are planting a seed in her mind – she is imagining spending a lot of time with you in the future.

Alternatively, you can say, “You look dangerous.” This will make her feel subtly seduced because “dangerous” means “sexually attractive”. But meanwhile, “dangerous” is a negative word.

If you meet a hot woman in a nightclub, you can even say, “We can’t have s*x tonight” early in the interaction, so that she won’t be guarded. Some women may even ask you, “Why can’t we have s*x tonight?” if they actually like you.

Last but not least, you have to build trust. When a woman allows you to open her dress, she has to trust you in the first place. Trust can only be built when you spend a reasonable amount of time with her and treat her well, so that she knows you are not a crazy man.

Now let the seduction begin because it’s time to hook up with this hot girl.

  • Attraction is emotional rather than logical.

Women are much more emotional than men. Maybe you know that already. Therefore, when a woman is hooking up with you, she is making an emotional decision rather than a logical decision.

You need to make this woman feel that hooking up with you is her gain. She is a winner if she can hook up with you. Therefore, you must increase your perceived challenge.keep hooking up

Everyone appreciates things that they have to work for. We all place less value on things that are given to us for free. When a woman feels that she has to earn your attention, she values you more. Men with high standards are very attractive to women as they give women something they have to aspire to.

In order to keep hooking up with her for a long time so you don’t need to look for the next partner immediately, you may want to maintain this attraction by increasing your perceived challenge further. To keep her attracted to you, you must let her see that you’ve got high standards – she must prove herself capable of living up to your high standards.

  • What if you have insecurities?

No matter what kind of insecurities you have, I’d like you to remember this: You can’t control a woman’s response to you, but you can control your response to her. The first reaction doesn’t even count, for that is the least important reaction. What actually matters is your reaction to her.

Let’s say a hot girl that you’ve hooking up with says, “Oh, I didn’t know you have scars on your chest.”

If the scars on your chest bother you, now actually you should appear unreactive. Now she will know that you are unaffected by what she said, so a potentially negative trait will become a positive trait – she knows you have core confidence.

Another common insecurity that many men have is their age. Some men feel they are too young – they are not experienced. Some men feel they are too old – they are not attractive anymore. But as I see it, age almost never matters where attraction is concerned.

No matter how old you are, I encourage you to sell your age as a strength rather than a weakness. You can use any age to your advantage.

If you are 20 years old, you may think you are inexperienced and too young. Actually, you can play up your simplicity and curiosity – this will attract confident women who want to hook up with hotter, younger guys.hooking up

If you are 65 years old, perhaps you think you are too old. In fact, you can demonstrate your sophistication, maturity and experience in life – many younger women are attracted to worldly men who are older than them. At the same time, you also demonstrate your playfulness and youthfulness – you always show your desire for adventure and fun. This will make younger ladies feel attracted to you even more because it’s a unique pairing: you are mature and playful at the same time. Remember: youth is what you do, not how old you are.

Please note that if you are 100% comfortable about your imperfections and view them as an interesting part of who you are, women will see them in the same way as well. Once a woman you are hooking up with is attracted to you, she will cherish your imperfections; therefore, your imperfections and insecurities will look irrelevant.Hooking Up with Women

As to sexual history, this only matters if you are looking to keep the woman in the long term. Honestly, if you are only looking to date her for a short period of time, your sexual history has nothing to do with her. You don’t need to tell her anything about your lay count. Frankly, even if you want to marry her, you still can lie about your sexual history – trust me, she will be grateful for that.


Attractiveness is the aggregate of all sexy qualities in a person. You need to put them together in a unique manner so that you can create your special brew of attraction.

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