How Do Platonic Arrangements Work?

sugar daddy and his sugar baby

We have to admit that not all arrangements involve sex. There are many mutually beneficial relationships that don’t involve sex at all. Now you may wonder, “How do platonic arrangements work?” So this article will clarify all of those for you.

Foreplay sessions only

Not every sugar daddy is looking for actual sex. In fact, some sugar daddies only want to have foreplay sessions with sugar babies. For instance, Greg is a 35-year-old sugar daddy who is seeing Sarah, a 19-year-old sugar baby. Their relationship is best characterized by their weekly get-together in Greg’s car: Sarah and Greg has a weekly foreplay session in his car. At the end of the foreplay session, Greg gives Sarah weekly allowance, i.e. $1500. Greg met Sarah on a sugar daddy dating site after his former sugar baby Sam moved to another city. According to Greg, he used to have foreplay sessions with Sam in her house only. Greg says he gains great satisfaction by having foreplay sessions with beautiful women. But he only has real sex with his long-term partner (when he has one).Sugar daddy and his sugar babes

Dinner parties only

Some sugar daddies are too old to have sex, but they still want to go out with gorgeous ladies. Consequently, they join sugar daddy dating websites to meet younger women. Jim is a 81-year-old sugar daddy from New York. He is currently dating a 21-year-old sugar baby Claire. Jim never sleeps with Claire because his sexual days are over. However, he takes Claire to dinner parties and functions all the time. Because Jim is a successful businessman who is invited to various social occasions, he wants to show off Claire. Indeed, people around Jim really envy him because of Claire, a young and beautiful woman. But nobody knows Claire is actually Jim’s sugar baby – she receives gifts from Jim every month.

Lap dance only

Some sugar daddies are very artistic and they want to enjoy some personalized art such as lap dance. Interestingly, many sugar babies are sexy women who can perform lap dance and burlesque. For instance, Crystal is a 22-year-old university graduate who is dating sugar daddy Mike. Their relationship is characterized by regular lap dance sessions in Mike’s office. Mike always has fantasies regarding sexy scenes in his office because he was deeply inspired by Bill Clinton. Therefore, he started a mutually beneficial relationship with his sugar baby Crystal. Every Wednesday evening, Crystal performs lap dance in Mike’s office at 6pm. Recently, Crystal has begun to add burlesque to her routine! Very sexy.

How do platonic arrangements work? This article will clarify all of those for you.

Sexy videos only

This is the most eye-opening category. William is a 49-year-old sugar daddy in Boston. His sugar baby Lily has an interesting arrangement with him – Every week, William has a web cam session with Lily: He watches Lily having sex with her boyfriend! That’s William’s hobby & Lily and her boyfriend are happy with that. Therefore, they have a very stimulating and intriguing arrangement which even involves Lily’s boyfriend. Of course, William has paid for Lily’s rent and tuition fees at university. Lily says she finds this experience very empowering because now she feels like a powerful porn star that she secretly wants to become.sugar daddy  with his sugar baby

Fetish sessions only

John is a 32-year-old sugar daddy from Chicago. His preference is licking women’s feet and high heels. As a result, currently he is dating a sugar baby called Grace who allows him to do that regularly. They see each other twice a week in John’s house. Grace wants John because she can reach orgasm while John is licking her feet and high heels because her sexuality is contextual. No wonder they are the perfect match in the world. In order to thank Grace, John has introduced his connections to Grace, given her career advice and invested in Grace’s business. That means their arrangement doesn’t even involve allowance and gifts!

Movie dates only

Emily, a 26-year-old sugar baby from L.A., is dating Leigh, a 42-year-old sugar daddy. In fact, Leigh lives in Miami, but he has a house in L.A. because he goes to L.A. for business twice a month. When he is in L.A., he catches up with Emily, an elegant, well-educated and intelligent sugar baby who teaches English literature at university. Whenever they see each other in Leigh’s house, they watch a classic movie together. Leigh really enjoys the intelligent conversations they have. What’s more, Emily always dresses up like the female star in the movie they watch. Last week, when they saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Emily dressed up like Audrey Hepburn in that film!

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