6 Indicators To Determine If I am Falling In Love

The couple in love kisses in kitchen
A kiss in the kitchen

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, especially if the other person feels the same way about you. We all have watched countless movies or read a ton of novels that have romanticized falling in love. However, things are a bit different when it comes to real life situations.

The process is somewhat puzzling. A guy may find himself thinking that he is in love with a woman while it is only an infatuation. When you are in love, life seems magical and worth living. Your heart beats out of your chest and you get butterflies in your stomach every time you see her.

The intriguing thing about falling in love is, it hits when you least expect it. For some people, they do not even realize when they are falling in love. Perhaps you have been going out with a girl who you met at an event a while back or you have developed a strong chemistry with, but you can’t quite figure whether you are in love with her or not. Here are 5 clear things to look for when wondering, am I falling in love?

Am I Falling in Love?

Indicator # 1: You can’t quit thinking about her

If you are falling in love with her, she will be stuck on your mind all the time. If you do not think about her pretty smile, you are either reminiscing about the wonderful moments you shared together or imagining how your common future will look.

Indicator # 2: You are constantly worrying about her

If you show a strong solicitude towards someone, then you probably care deeply about them. When you have fallen for a girl, her happiness and safety will always be troubling you. You are very much in love with her if all of a sudden you are concerned about her well-being.

You have become protective of her and even make it your mission to ensure that nothing troubles her, and that she is always comfortable. If she is among your top priorities, you are already crazy about her bro!

Indicator # 3: You are willing to commit all your time to her

When you are head over heels in love with someone, you will feel an insatiable desire to spend time with them. Regardless of what you are focused on, your mind is ever absorbed by her. If some aspects of your life have greatly changed because of her, you are very much in love with her. Above all, you will develop the urge to include her in your everyday life activities while still trying to figure her life out. Have you repetitively banged your head against the wall, trying to come up with fun and crazy things you can be engaged in? Have your friends started complaining you don’t have time for them anymore? It is about time you admit you are madly in love with her.

Indicator # 4: You tell her everything – including your feelings, emotions and thoughts

There is more to love than just physical intimacy. Apart from physical attraction, you may find yourself seeking ways to share your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. You are not ashamed to share about your traumatizing childhood experience with her or your most embarrassing or depressing moments. You feel comfortable when sharing your personal stuff with her. When you are around her, you are completely yourself. You even let your geeky side show a little. She has you wrapped around her finger!

Indicator # 5: You are jealous when she talks to her male colleagues and friends

Truthfully, jealousy is deemed as a sign of insecurity, although it can be a great sign that you love someone. Nevertheless, if you get jealous when another dude flirts with her or when she tells you she is going to a wine tasting event with her friends, that is an indication that you have fallen for her. This is especially true if these things never bothered you in the beginning.

Indicator # 6: She is beautiful no matter what

You find her beauty irresistible. Even when she is in her pajamas, with no makeup on and her hair is messy, you still find her overpoweringly attractive. At times she will complain about how untidy she is but at that moment you are just there standing thinking about how amazing she looks.

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. They say if you love someone, go ahead and let them know. However, saying the magical words can be equivalent to putting a bullet in your foot. You may hesitate to admit that you are in love with her, but if you can relate to some of the signs mentioned above, then you are already falling for her.  And what is better than to embrace love when you find it? The last thing you want is to let your pride cause you to miss out on the love of your life.

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