A Comparison of a Millionaire’s Experience and a Sugar Daddy’s Experience on the Most Popular Dating App

sugar daddy with his sugar baby

Zoosk is the most popular dating app now, so it has attracted many rich members including CEOs, multimillionaires, billionaires and sugar daddies. Because Zoosk is a mainstream dating app, we would like to analyze the performance of millionaires and sugar daddies’ profiles on this extremely popular dating app (there are dating apps which only cater for the needs of millionaires and sugar daddies – that’s why we want to see how it works on a mainstream dating app like Zoosk since it’s for everyone to join).sugar daddy and sugar baby

Our research team set up two profiles: a millionaire man’s profile and a sugar daddy’s profile on Zoosk. The millionaire guy’s profile is best characterized by fancy cars and luxury clothes/watches in his photos, and his profile says: “I’m a self-made entrepreneur with a net worth of $10 million.” By contrast, the sugar daddy’s dating profile says: “I’m a mature and doting sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby that I can spoil.” Statements like these are rare on a big dating app such as Zoosk; therefore, the results have to be extremely interesting.

Based on this experiment, here are our findings and conclusions:
There are many hot women who are proactively looking for rich men on dating apps for iPhone/Android. After spending one week on Zoosk, 46 women have contacted the millionaire man proactively. Because modern women are not as shy as women in 1948, a lot of them are very empowered and are happy to chase men. More specifically, women in modern-day society are brave enough to pursue what they want rather than passively wait for things to happen. In life, you either wait or create.

If you are a sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby on a dating app for Android or iPhone, you need to know exactly what you want first.

More and more switched-on women respond really well when it comes to dating the sugar daddy. Although most women are looking for boyfriends on a great dating app like Zoosk, many of them are open-minded enough to date sugar daddies. In other words, even though a lot of attractive women are looking for life partners, they actually change their mind when they notice the potential of finding arrangements instead of traditional relationships. Within one week, the sugar daddy’s profile has had 53 successful conversations with various sexy women on this very popular dating app. It seems that a growing number of young women are aware of what an arrangement means (an arrangement is a mutually beneficial relationship in which both sugar daddy and sugar baby get exactly what they want without playing games). Modern young ladies like this honesty, so many of them prefer dating sugar daddies and don’t mind becoming sugar babies.sugar daddy and sugar baby

Rich men and sugar daddies’ key takeaways:
If you are a rich man looking for a hot woman on a dating app for iPhone or Android, you need to understand that you are a high-value guy on the market. Dating is the only situation where both parties buy and sell at the same time. If you have an impressive net worth, you should have core confidence because an impressive net worth is actually not common at all. That’s your unique advantage in current society – beauty is common (attractive girls are everywhere), but wealth is less common (do you really see rich men everywhere? Sadly, most people struggle financially in this economy and lack of financial education at school makes the situation even worse).

If you are a sugar daddy looking for a sugar baby on a dating app for Android or iPhone, you need to know exactly what you want first. Looking for an arrangement is different from looking for a traditional relationship because an arrangement has very clear terms and conditions from the very beginning. For example, you need to clarify your expectations in detail: Are you looking for a young blonde? Do you want her to spend time with you three times a week? Is she allowed to meet your friends and family? Are you going to take her out in public? Is your arrangement confidential? Meanwhile, an intelligent sugar baby would also clarify what she expects from you: Does she expect you to give her allowance every month? Does she expect you to buy her gifts regularly? Does she need to you to pay her tuition fee at university? Does she want you to take her away for vacations a few times a year? Without clear terms and conditions from the start, an arrangement becomes an ineffective relationship which might cause drama and stress.

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