Six Things To Know About Dating Egyptian Women

Six Things To Know About Dating Egyptian Women

When you hear about Egyptian women, you think of Cleopatra: Mysterious, sexy, powerful and hard to get. However, there’s more than meets the eye and, for sure, more than what you see on TV shows or movies.

Egyptian women can be either conservative or open-minded, both with unique personality traits that separate them from women with different nationalities. However, if there’s something guaranteed is that Egyptian women are attractive and, like most hot women, they know it, so they have big expectations for men.

If you’re made’s made up on dating Egyptian women, there’s a couple of things you need to know before you try to make them fall in love with you. Keep on reading to discover how you can get an Egyptian girlfriend as fast as possible!

Things to Know Before Dating Egyptian Women

1) Open-minded Egyptian women are more likely to date a man from another country. If they have received a more liberal education throughout their lives, they’ll be less concerned about whether you share their religious beliefs or traditions. On the other hand, although you may have a bigger chance with an open-minded Egyptian lady, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy to make her fall for you, but a traditional one will give you a harder time.

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2) Egyptian women are not the most affectionate, at least not when you’re getting to know them. When you approach one, make sure to be as respectful as possible. Keep your hands to yourself and always ask if it’s okay to hug her or to kiss her on the cheek. As with every woman you will ever encounter in your life, consent is extremely important, but with Egyptian girls, it is even more crucial to ask for permission before any type of physical interaction. Be a gentleman first and foremost.

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“Egyptian women want to notice the effort you put in your style. Don’t underestimate your clothing choices!”

3) Most Egyptian women are known for being jealous. If you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, there’s a big chance that your Egyptian girlfriend won’t like them for no apparent reason. Culturally, these women have been taught to protect their men at all cost and to be loyal to them, regardless of their actions. Some of them may even be scared to say hi to other men. Simultaneously, they expect their men to be as dedicated and faithful to them, seeing most women as a possible threat to their couple. Be careful when looking at other ladies in the street, even if it’s just out of curiosity. You may think the won’t notice, but trust that they will. Worse case scenario, an Egyptian woman will want to know where you are and who you are with constantly. If they get that possessive, don’t even think about lying!

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4) Egyptian women can be obsessed with their appearance. While this can be a good thing since she will always look good, it can be exhausting to wait for an Egyptian lady to get ready before going out. The must have the perfect hairdo, outfit (including high heels and accessories) and makeup before they leave the house. If you don’t stick long enough, you may not even see them with a clean face or without gold jewelry, ever. As a result, they can be a little high-maintenance and over-critical of your appearance, meaning you have to work extra hard on your look to impress them. Contrary to French women who prefer men who look like they didn’t try that hard to look good, Egyptian women want to notice the effort you put in your style. Don’t underestimate your clothing choices!

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5) Most Egyptian women are looking for a long-term relationship and they will let you know. Because of their traditional upbringing, a majority of Egyptian girls want to get married as soon as possible, so they are unlikely to just hook up with guys. Nonetheless, there are always exceptions, and modern Egyptian women are not against having casual things, but they will still play it hard to get. Be persistent and don’t give up, regardless of your intentions. These women are worth the fight.

6) Egyptian women want men who are supportive and kind. Last but not least, a big part of Egyptian females are tired of men who share their nationality because of how entitled they feel about them, or how superior they act around women. As a foreigner, you could highlight how different you are, cook for her, treat her like a queen and she will love you!

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  • Absolutely these six points about Egyptian women are accurate %100. My experience with my Egyptian fiancé was very heard in the beginning, because of a” very being jealousy” and the heard to trust me. I should know that before I jump into this serious relationship. It is not easy to maintained their trust and demolish their Jealousy away from your daily relationship. You have to work very heard around the clock to maybe change their way of thinking in this point. While we were walking to gather my eye an attentional went looking to a lady was smoking cigarette, I was truly in trouble with my fiancé. Don’t think you are smart and you can get away with sneaking your eyes to another woman or you lie about any small thing, you will be cut immediately. ONE more very IMPORTANT point here is; the Egyptian woman makes you a KING on the BED! You never get Ultimate SEX pleasure from another woman around the world as you get it when you have it with the Egyptian woman!!! It is truly a HEAVEN!!! Egyptian women are very loyal to their country and they are proud of their ancient history and religion. I just want you to know that I am not from Egypt but my fiancé does. She is from El Sharqia. I Love Egypt and Egyptian women!

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