How to date a hot woman who is out of your league

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People are dating out of their league every day. It’s only a matter of access – do you have access to extremely hot women that are out of your league?

Work closely with a high-end fashion brand or jewellery brand. Working for a fashion or jewellery brand doesn’t mean you are gay. In fact, most fashion brands, makeup brands and jewellery brands’ CEOs are men because the masculine energy is the leader of most businesses. If you aren’t an artistic person, you may want to become sales professionals of a high-end fashion brand or jewellery brand because sales and marketing are universal skills that any business needs. Better still, the entry requirements aren’t very high in the marketing industry. The beauty of working closely with a high-end fashion brand or jewellery brand is you will have access to extremely attractive women or very rich women. Therefore, it is a great way to date hot girls out of your league. For instance, Meghan Markle met Prince Harry through Violet von Westenholz, a Ralph Lauren PR executive who is Prince Harry’s friend.

Meghan Markle met Prince Harry
Meghan Markle&Prince Harry

If Meghan Markle wasn’t working for Ralph Lauren at that time, she wouldn’t have met Prince Harry at all. Clearly, the first step to date out of your league is to be involved in situations that are out of your league. If you are looking for a new job, why not become a sales professional at Tiffany & Co.? Another benefit of working in the high-end fashion and jewellery industries is: you have less competition because these industries have more women than men & some men in these industries are gay, so they are not competing with you anyway.

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Join a sugar momma dating site. There are many horny and attractive cougars on sugar momma dating websites. They are already looking for sexy men like you. Hence, if you are relatively good-looking and good in bed, you may consider dating a sugar momma who is hot, rich and successful. Most sugar mommas are in their 40s, so they are still youthful and beautiful. No matter you decide to create a dating profile on a sugar momma website, or you want to download a sugar momma dating app, it’s time to do something about it now. When you are dating a rich cougar, she not only satisfies your needs in the bedroom, but also spoils you with allowance. Better still, she will help you with your career, so you will upgrade your network, resources, knowledge and skills – your sugar momma is your best mentor. She may even invest in your business or become your sponsor.

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Go to university campuses to pick up hot girls. A university campus is the fertile ground for future doctors and lawyers. If you’d like to meet a young, single and gorgeous girl in her early 20s, you must go to a university campus and meet hot ladies like that. You can go to the campus bookstore and ask female students to recommend a book. Or you can join parties and events run by university students.




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