What Happened after Using Coffee Meets Bagel, a Popular British Women Dating Site

coffee meets bagel dating app

Coffee Meets Bagel is probably the only mainstream dating site that has more female members than male members. Surprisingly, although this website was launched in the United States, there are more and more British ladies using it in 2017. Further research shows that because Coffee Meets Bagel is very elegant, it automatically attracts more women. That means the competition is less fierce for men here.

I have recently interviewed Robert, an Asian guy who has been interested in dating British beauties since a young age. He told me that he started to like British girls when he was a schoolboy because at that time he was inspired by Gladys Yang’s story which appeared in his textbook. Gladys Yang was a famous British translator who married a Chinese linguist Yang Xianyi – in 1941, this couple translated the best Chinese novel of all time: Dream of the Red Chamber.

Robert started to use Coffee Meets Bagel when he moved to London last year. “In fact, all of my Asian friends told me that it’s nearly impossible for Asian men to get white women,” says Robert, “But I’m pretty sure that I will find the right British woman of my dreams. That’s why I decided to join this British women dating site.”

Coffee Meets Bagel is probably the only mainstream dating site that has more female members than male members.

One month later, Robert met Natalie online. Natalie is a typical girl from Britain: her eyes reflect just the sort of calm that we long for and never got enough of from this hectic world. Robert was seduced by Natalie’s lips because her lips imply a reserve and a stoicism which perfectly balance out his stressful life in a new country.

“I met Natalie in person quickly, because only being attracted to her photos on the Internet sounds too superficial and I need to know her personality more,” says Robert, “The fact that Natalie was happy to see me in person told me it’s on.”dating app Coffee Meets Bagel

A lot of Asian men are interested in dating British ladies, but here are their common concerns:

· They are worried that they aren’t as good as white men in the bedroom;

· They are worried about racism;

· They are worried about cultural differences which may result in pain and breakup.

But Robert is different; worry is not something that he is thinking about. He says, “The reason that I’m more confident is because I don’t even think about those stereotypes that most Asian guys are concerned about. As those worries are not even on my mind, I don’t really get any of those issues in reality.”

Today Robert and Natalie are still together. According to Robert, the best way to meet women from Britain is to join a British women dating website because it’s efficient and effective: “At least 1 in every 5 relationships started on the Internet in today’s day and age.”

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