When should you sleep with the hot girl you are dating?

When should you sleep with the hot girl you are dating

A very common complaint that we have heard is: “I don’t have a problem when I date average women – I know how to escalate; I am natural and smooth; I sleep with them effortlessly. But when I date a truly solid 10, the attraction freezes me because I want to keep her and don’t want to ruin it by doing anything wrong.” So, when should you sleep with the real 10 you are dating?


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Look for the green lights. Does the hot woman give you any indication of interest? Here are some common ones:

1) she looks at your body while talking to you;

2) she always dresses up each time you see her;

3) her hair and makeup are always perfectly done when she goes out on a date with you;

4) when you are talking to her, she touches her hair/neck;

5) when you kiss her, she reacts really well;

6) when you touch her, the reaction is great (she is even moaning). When you see a combination of these green lights, you know it is time to sleep with this attractive girl.

Analyse your goal in dating and relationships. Do you consider this gorgeous girl a girlfriend or just a friend with benefits?

Is she your fuck buddy or a long-term lover?

Do you want to get married?

Can you live with her in the long term?

Do you want to marry her?

If you really listen to your inner voice, you can figure out the answers to these questions fairly quickly. An intelligent man doesn’t need to spend five years trying to figure out the nature of his relationship with a sexy woman. He only needs to look at his inner pilot light and understand the sexy lady he is dating. If you only see her as a smokin’ hot fuck buddy, you can sleep with her any time. But the prerequisite is you must know that she also wants you as a casual fuck buddy, nothing else. Making sure both of you are on the same page is very important. However, if you plan to marry your sexy girlfriend, then you’d better build emotional connection before sleeping with her. Having more shared experiences builds emotional connection fast, e.g. learning something together, attending events together, etc.

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Sleep with the hot lady when you are travelling with her. Travelling is a great way to know a person really well because you are together 24/7 in a new place – you can observe how she handles her life in general & what she expects from you. When you are travelling with your beautiful girlfriend, you can easily sleep with her because nine times out of ten, you and this sexy girl share one hotel room anyway. But if she wants to have her own room, that’s okay. Let her have her own room. You can always go to her room and escalate later.

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Give her good sex no matter you want to keep her as a friend with benefits or marry her. Unless it’s just a one-night-stand, you would be well-advised to give a beautiful woman good sex. Bad sex is the fastest way to push a hot woman away. Good sex is the easiest way to keep a sexy gal around for a long time. I know some women who can never really break up with their ex-boyfriends simply because sex is too good! Therefore, you must hone your skills in the bedroom and make her enjoy what you have to offer if you decide to keep her as a long-term lover or a hot wife.

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