How to become the hub of a social circle and attract hot girls


In social dynamics, there is a term called “hub”, meaning a person is the centre of a social group – this person is the host of most parties in the social circle. Actually, in order to constantly attract hot girls into your life, you should become the hub!

  • Organise a weekly Happy Hour. This technique is the most powerful technique in social dynamics when it comes to gaining more social power in your reality. Better still, it’s not hard to do! All you need to do is to write down “Happy Hour” in your diary first (Remember: What’s not scheduled is not real!). Then you invite everyone you know to this Happy Hour. For example, you’ve decided that Wednesday is the right day for a Happy Hour at 5:30pm. Now you can send a text message to everyone you know and invite all of them, no matter they are hot women or not. Please note that at least 30% of them won’t rock up, so you’d better invite everybody you know. Another tip is when you invite everyone, you mention, “Please bring your friends as well.” Now you are expanding your social circle immediately. Also, whenever you approach a hot girl, you can invite her to your Happy Hour! When you talk to a sexy girl for the first time, inviting her to something makes you less creepy and more attractive because you have something to offer her! That also gives you an excuse to see her again soon enough because you have a weekly Happy Hour.a good impression
  • Host a party whenever there is a special occasion. Life is short, so make every day count! Whenever it’s your birthday, New Year’s Eve, etc., you should host a party to celebrate the occasion so that you can maximise your chance to meet sexy ladies. If you are hosting a big party in your house, you’d better be thoughtful and think about your neighbours because probably you and your guests will produce a lot of noise. A bonus tip is you can buy a movie ticket for that night (or two) and give it to your neighbour so that your neighbour won’t stay at home when you are having a big party at home! Your neighbour will be thankful because you are the most considerate and creative person in the world. Before your friends arrive, you should put on some jazz music, light some candles (please avoid aromatherapy candles because you don’t want the scent to mix with the aroma of food), and display some decorations (e.g. flowers and fruit – yes, fruit can be a kind of decoration for a party – a basket of lemons, a bowl of apples, etc.) The dinner should start 45 minutes after the guests have arrived because you want to get to know some of these hot women first, right? (Again, you told everyone to bring their friends as well, so chances are some people have brought some attractive women.)attract hot girls into your life
  • How to end a party in a smart way. Always end the party when everyone is having a good time! Yes, the best TV show episodes always end at its climax so that you want to watch more! Therefore, you would be well-advised to plan some group games for your guests as well as attractive girls to play so that there is a highlight of the party. Now there are two ways to end the party: 1) You give each guest a gift bag to take home (e.g. chocolate, biscuits, etc.); 2) You turn down the music gradually – that’s a sign for the ending of a party, so people will start to leave. Don’t turn on all lights if you want to end the party because that’s too rude. You do want to give the sexy women that you like a good impression, don’t you?romantic-evening
  • As the hub of your social circle, you must look the part. You not only need to organise social events for all of your friends, but also need to look the part, meaning you probably have to own something fancy so that your new friends brought by your existing friends will pay more attention to you and respect you more. Usually, the hub of a social circle is already a high-value person & everyone at the party is talking about the hub anyway – their conversations are like “How did you know John?” and “I met John at work.” Moreover, when a new hot girl meets you for the first time, she can only evaluate your worth/value based on the way you look as well as how your environment looks (i.e. your house, the venue of the Happy Hour) – that’s her only way to determine your value. We all know that attractive girls want to date high-value men, so you don’t want to look too shabby. Therefore, you can display your best pictures in the sitting room in your house (e.g. your travel photos, your photos with celebrities, your painting, etc.) Alternatively, you can wear something fancy, e.g. a Tom Ford suit, a Rolex watch, and so on. Of course, we understand that not every guy has that kind of budget, so you can stick to our first suggestion – make your environment chic so that hot ladies will be impressed. You must keep sexy ladies’ attention before you can tell them who you really are!
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