How do rich women operate in love, life and business?

marry a rich woman

Yes, you want to date a rich woman, but first of all, you must understand them very well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build a real connection with your rich girlfriend.

  • Rich women are independent. A rich woman is an independent woman. Undoubtedly, the fact that she has become rich means she worked hard and has brains. Nevertheless, if you are dating a rich girl who’s got money from her parents, that’s a different story. But now we are talking about successful female entrepreneurs who are self-made women here. Apparently, most self-made female entrepreneurs are intelligent, hardworking and lucky. There is a saying which goes like this, “Intelligence, hard work and luck are the three factors that contribute to a person’s success – hard work is the prerequisite of success, but the most important factor in the dynamics is luck, because this world is filled with hardworking and intelligent people, so the only element that determines who will be successful is actually luck!” That’s very true. Yet we can’t really control luck, so we probably should value hard work more. Clearly, your wealthy girlfriend understands the value of hard work. That’s what makes her independent financially. When a woman is financially independent, that usually means she doesn’t rely on you in this relationship, i.e. she has her own a rich woman
  • Rich women don’t waste their time. Most wealthy ladies don’t like wasting time because they highly value their time – their No. 1 asset. They truly understand that they can always get their money back, but they can’t get their time back. Their time is the most valuable asset in the world. Interestingly, that also means your rich girl probably doesn’t need to have a date night with you every week because she may want to use that time to do something more productive! Yes, we are talking about a low-maintenance woman that saves you time (and money for date nights)!jealous of rich women
  • Wealthy women may want to compete with men. If you are dating a very ambitious high-achiever, chances are she might want to compete with you. For instance, when you tell her that you did well at university, she may tell you that she was the winner of Most Outstanding Graduate of the Year when she graduated from university. When you tell her about your travel story in Italy, she will tell you that she goes to Europe at least once a year. Then you realise that she is actually competing with you! If that’s not the right dynamics that you enjoy in a relationship, you probably should date a sugar momma instead of looking for a rich girlfriend, because a long-term relationship is different from an arrangement (AKA transaction).looking for a rich girlfriend
  • Wealthy women are lonely. The fact that there are more and more sugar momma dating apps indicates that many rich ladies are lonely. This is true in this day and age because the Internet actually makes people more distant – everyone is busy on social media, so it’s less necessary to go out and catch up with friends. Also, when a woman becomes successful, many men feel intimidated by them, so most men don’t want to date them (we are talking about the male ego). Meanwhile, other women are jealous of rich women’s success and money, so other women don’t want to be their friends. It is said that women can only become friends with women who are less fortunate than themselves! When a lady becomes very successful, those girls who are still her friends must be her real friends!parents are rich
  • A rich girl’s career is probably more important than her family. Usually, a person’s biggest achievement in life is also this person’s No. 1 value. If a woman becomes very successful career wise, this lady probably values her career most. In other words, maybe in her opinion, money is more important than relationships. That’s why we see many growth-driven girls leave their parents at an early age – they go to another state for higher education; they move to big cities to find better jobs; they even go abroad to start new businesses. Furthermore, these ambitious girls also don’t think dating and relationships are very important. Consequently, they probably have fewer boyfriends and may not even want to start a family. Yes, we all know that many well-known female celebrities don’t have kids, e.g. Marie Forleo, Oprah Winfrey, etc. It is reported that the more successful a woman is (career wise), the less likely she wants to have children. Let’s be honest – children require a lot of time from their mothers & everyone only has 24 hours a day (if you live until 100 years old, you probably only have 36,500 days in your life in total – your time is indeed quite limited, so you’d better make every day count!) That’s why many wealthy girls don’t want to get married and have children. Or if they are married, they choose not to have kids so that they can spend more time working hard and achieving more success.Rich women are independent
  • If you want to marry a rich woman, do you want to marry a self-made female entrepreneur or a girl whose parents are rich? According to the above-mentioned key points, you can see that self-made female entrepreneurs aren’t the most feminine women in the world according to traditional values and standards. However, if you marry a woman whose parents are rich, you can still enjoy a traditional relationship because your rich wife probably doesn’t need to be that independent in order to stay rich. Having said that, are you ready to deal with her rich parents who might think you aren’t wealthy enough to match their daughter? Well, in that case, you may have to work harder so as to make yourself feel better. Therefore, we can say that there is always a price to pay & marrying a rich wife is a double-edged sword.
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