Five Facts About Dating Norwegian Women

Five Facts About Dating Norwegian Women

Norwegian women are known worldwide for being beautiful, icy blondes who are very hard to get because of their high standards in men and don’t hesitate to leave a guy. However, there’s so much more to these European beauties that meet the eye.

Once you manage to break through their distant exterior, Norwegian women can be among the most fun to go out with since they also love to drink and are so brutally honest that you wouldn’t have to guess if there’s anything bothering them, they will let you know, straightforward.

On the following lines, we’ll cover what you need to know before you try to make a Norwegian woman fall in love with you. Keep reading to find out how you can get the interest of one of these Scandinavian ladies.

What you need to know before dating Norwegian women

1) Norwegian women always put their career first. They have several short and long-term goals to reach and are very unlikely to let anything or anyone interfere with their plans. Therefore, don’t expect a Norwegian girl to put whatever it is that she’s doing behind to see you, that will only happen on her terms. In addition, if a date is set up, you better be at the exact place at the right time, otherwise, don’t wait for them to respond your texts ever again.

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2) Norwegian women are reserved and distant. You may think you know her, but there’s a big chance that she’s not sharing a lot of information with you. It’s not that she’s necessarily hiding things from you, it just takes some time for her to warm up and trust anyone. Be patient and respect her pace. Don’t try to rush anything, and always ask if a hug or a kiss is okay. When you meet her, stick to a simple a handshake, unless she tells you otherwise.

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3) Norwegian women like to remain independent. Don’t brag about how much money you make or offer to take care of them if you don’t want to be rejected. These ladies value being able to cover their needs and bills by themselves, they may even offer to pay for dinner the first time you meet. Norwegian women have high standards when it comes to love and relationships. Instead of trying to win them over with material things, show them that you are interested by listening to them. Be polite and a gentleman, but don’t expect them to be damsels in distress. Take into consideration their opinion before you make any decision that involves her, such as where to go, what to eat or anything similar.

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4) Norwegian women love to drink. As a consequence, they know how to handle their liquor, so don’t you even think about getting drunk. On the other hand, it is possible to meet a more social side of them while sharing some drinks at a bar because they will be with their friends. Do your best to get along with her group by talking about things like music, movies, and art, in general. Inviting a Norwegian lady for a couple of beers happens to be a good option for a date because it is casual enough for them not to feel pushed and because they enjoy that beverage very much.

“Norwegian women have high standards when it comes to love and relationships. Instead of trying to win them over with material things, show them that you are interested by listening to them”

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5) Norwegian women like to be outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, walking, grabbing a pair of skis or climbing, they always stay active and like men who can do the same. Take them somewhere where they are surrounded by nature, beautiful landscapes and lots of action. The Norwegian ladies will, for sure, appreciate someone who makes an effort to keep up with their athletic personalities.

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Norwegian women: How to date girls from Norway?

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