The Conversational Skills You Need to Date Bogota Women

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By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’

Bogota, the capital and the largest city of Colombia, is known as the Athens of South America This elegant city has the hottest woman on the planet.  Women in Bogota are funny, interesting and cultured.  Therefore, before you meet hot Bogota girls, you’d better learn some conversational skills so that you will stand out from the crowd who want to get Bogota ladies.

  • Building the connection.  When you are talking to a sexy girl in Bogota, you need to strengthen the connection with her first.  In other words, after you have opened a girl, it’s time to build rapport.  You can start by talking about something she is wearing, e.g. ‘You have a very good sense of fashion.  Your earrings match your shoes.’  If she hears something like that, she would be very impressed, because most men never notice these things, yet almost every woman in Bogota puts a lot of effort into their looks as Colombian women think it’s their job to impress men with their looks.  After that, you may discuss something that evokes emotion during your conversation with her, e.g. ‘Have you ever been in love?’  This is a perfect question, because all women want to talk about relationships, but men don’t really enjoy it.  Therefore, she will see you differently from now on.  Also, this question leads to the topic of dating and relationships easily, which means she will consider you sexually quickly – that’s exactly what you want – you are not here to become her friend only.a hot Colombian woman


  • Breaking rapport and build attraction.  Women from Colombia want exciting interactions with men as they are more adventurous than women in English-speaking countries, so if you only build rapport, you will become boring fast.  As a result, you would be well-advised to break rapport during your conversation with a Bogota lady, so that she will feel more attracted to you.  I’m not saying you should argue with her.  What I’m trying to say is: You can mention a contrary viewpoint or challenge her occasionally.  For instance, you can ask her, ‘Can you cook?’  Then she will want to prove herself to you.  Look at another example below.

Women in Bogota are funny, interesting and cultured.  Therefore, before you meet hot Bogota girls, you’d better learn some conversational skills so that you will stand out from the crowd who want to get Bogota ladies.

YOU: There are three things I look for in a woman.

HER: Which three things?

YOU: The first thing is kindness.

HER:  How about the second thing?

YOU: The second is intelligence.

HER:  And the third?

YOU: Oh, no, I’m not going to tell you.

HER: Why not?

YOU: Because you may fake it.

     This conversation shows you how to challenge a Colombian woman during your conversation with her.  It’s a great example because you have pre-framed the interaction – now in her subconscious mind, she probably wants to become your ideal girl because women are also competitive.  Better still, it shows your standards, which makes you more attractive in her eyes.

  • Become a high-value man.  If you only issue challenges without actually being a high-value man, women will feel it because women are much more sensitive than men.  I used to talk to men who tried to use the ‘breaking rapport’ technique on me, and I couldn’t care less because they are simply low-value.  I could tell they are low-value men because what they say didn’t match their nonverbal communication.  I could tell that because the challenges that they presented were not natural.  Therefore, if you want to truly become a high-value man, you must make sure the challenges you present are natural and genuine.  And the best way to do that is to use natural challenges which grow out of the conversation.a very sexy Colombian girl


  • What’s next After you’ve built the attraction with the girl in Bogota, you should look for ways to actually get her.  Women want to be a part of something, so they are very likely to be in groups with other women.  Therefore, you need to figure out a way to isolate her so that you can have one-on-one interactions with the hot girl.  Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean the location should only have you two there.  In fact, as long as the conversation only involves you two in it, that’s already isolation.  That is to say, her friends can be there as well, so long as they are not involved in the interaction.  Now I’d like to show you a few ways to achieve this effect:

#1: Make sure she can only see you in the interaction.  In other words, her friends can be standing behind her, or even sitting next to her, but when she is talking to you, only you appear right in front of her eyes.

#2: Bring wingmen with you.  If you have male friends who are also interested in pickup (or are interested in helping you get laid), you should bring them with you, so that they become your wingmen who engage other girls while you are isolating the girl you like.

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