How rich cougars can make you rich today and tomorrow

rich cougars

Dating rich women isn’t just about building an emotional connection and falling in love. It’s also about upgrading your own business/career and your life so that in the long term, you won’t need to rely on a rich cougar anymore. So, how can your sugar momma make you rich?

  • Your sugar momma can help you start your own business. Rich women like ambitious men, so don’t be too shy – you should totally tell her more about your ambitions. If you want to become a successful business owner, tell her! If she doesn’t know it, she can’t help you. Don’t forget that most cougars are happy to help their toy boys and see their male sugar babies Maybe your sugar momma can invest in your business idea, or she can introduce you to important people that will be able to help you in this regard.
  • Your rich lady can teach you how to invest. Most rich people are rich not because they work their ass off every day and try to save every penny, but because they know how to invest in the right ways. That’s how they make passive income without working their face off on a daily basis. Therefore, you should totally ask your cougar how to invest correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask basic questions because if your sugar momma is a generous woman, she won’t judge you. Look at what she invests in, then copy her strategies lady
  • Your rich cougar can help you find a job that you love. If you don’t like the stress of running a business, you can find a job that you absolutely love. Now your wealthy girlfriend’s network can assist you in this process. Apparently, your wealthy sugar momma has access to other rich people who can bring career opportunities to you. Remember: always ask your cougar to find you a job that you actually love. Nobody becomes successful by doing something they hate. You have to enjoy the process and love the journey.
  • Ask your rich girlfriend to take you to rich people’s clubs. Some exclusive clubs only accept rich members or individuals who are recommended by rich members. These can be upper-class societies and elite clubs that most people don’t have access to. Hence, if your wealthy woman is a member of one of those elite societies, you should ask her to recommend you. In this way, you will meet other powerful people who can make you a part of the rich. For instance, maybe you aren’t planning on marrying a cougar(chances are she doesn’t want to marry you either), but in an upper-class club, you may meet a rich man whose daughter wants to marry you. Don’t forget that marrying the money is the fastest way to get rich quick in every era of human history.wealthy sugar momma
  • If you really want to be with your cougar in the long term (or at least for many years), ask her to add you to her Will. If your rich lady knows that you are genuine and you treat her very well, she will consider adding you to her Will. Even if she doesn’t say so, you can ask her to do it by saying this to her, “I’m just thinking… since I’m 32 years younger than you, when you are 100, I’ll be 68. I can’t imagine my life without you…” And you cry in front of her while holding her in your arms. Now she will keep talking to you and comfort you & will probably shed a tear or two. During this emotional moment, you can ask whether she can add you to her Will. Remember: emotions are more likely to lead to actions, whilst logic isn’t so powerful.
  • If your cougar is breaking up with you but you’ve been living with her for a few years, you can ask for property settlement. In most western countries, you don’t need to be married in order to apply for property settlement. In other words, if she breaks up with you after living with you for several years, you are entitled to half of her money. Thus, you can engage a family lawyer who knows how to do it properly and take action.sugar momms
  • Your sugar momma should give you allowance regularly. This is the most basic element in an arrangement. If she doesn’t give you allowance, she isn’t your sugar momma. Hence, you have to clarify terms and conditions in your arrangement with a cougar before you start a relationship with her. And allowance is the most important part of your arrangement. Of course, once you receive allowance from her regularly, you should learn how to save money, how to invest your money and how to spend your money consciously, i.e. spending money on things that you value and avoiding paying for things that you don’t care.


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