Review: Is this gay dating site reliable?

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GaysGoDating Review

As a well-known gay dating site, is a reputable and legitimate gay dating website. How reliable is this site?


  • Creating a dating profile on com is nice and easy. Better still, it’s free!
  • This dating community actually works like a dating app, so it’s simple and user-friendly.
  • Upload photos to attract more attention from other men.
  • Use its extensive search filter to find exactly what you desire.
  • A premium service (GaysGoDating Plus) offers you extra features, e.g. extended search filter, switching off ads, anonymous surfing online, unblocking explicit content and radar, i.e. locating other members from the local area.


  • With over 25,000,000 members around the world, com is easily the most prestigious gay dating community in the world.
  • You can contact other members by writing in the guestbook or paying them compliments.
  • You can have a favorites’ list and an ignore list.
  • This site also has a gay dating app so you can use anytime, anywhere.
  • The majority of its members are young and hot (they are mostly under 30 years of age).meet real guys


  • This gay dating site looks like a clone site of because their features are too similar.
  • Its interface looks cluttered sometimes.
  • There are some curious women in this community, so it’s not a 100% gay dating site.
  • There are some couples looking for the third leg on this platform, but this is probably a pro for bisexual men.


  • 3-day membership: $1.41 per day;
  • 1-month membership: $1.30 per day;
  • 3-month membership: $0.73 per day;
  • 6-month membership: $0.59 per day.

Please note that the prices listed here are effective on the day when this article is written (29th August, 2019), so the pricing is subject to change without prior notice & you should personally check its prices when you decide to become a premium member of search date

Users’ comments:

“Though is a famous gay dating site, I’m not a fan. I know there are many young and modern daters on this platform, but fake profiles can’t be removed. I’m not happy with that.” (Brandon R., 28, Philadelphia)

“Although it’s a great gay dating site which also offers a wonderful gay dating app, it doesn’t have any Facebook or Google login, so it’s not very convenient. I’d rather use another gay dating website that is more user-friendly.” (Wade K., 29, Tampa)

“I know has a very clean and chic design, I find it quite boring because I haven’t met anyone interesting in this community yet. Maybe it’s just me?” (Jack W., 26, Detroit)

“The cost of correspondence exceeded my budget significantly, so I’m not happy. I would prefer something cheaper to use. The business owner of should know that their target audiences are young men in their 20s, so how can young people afford expensive dating services? Most youngsters can’t!” (Rick P., 21, New York)

“This gay dating site isn’t just a tool; it’s already a part of my lifestyle. I can’t imagine living without because it’s just so good! I love this community that understands me 100%.” (Nick K., 22, L. A.)

Experts’ comments:

“ is a mobile-friendly dating site which also has a gay dating app. Therefore, it has attracted a large number of gay daters around the world.” (Jade Seashell, Australian author and creative writer)

“Some of my gay friends have tried many gay dating sites and apps, and is simply the best, according to what they’ve told me.” (Curt Coch, CEO and founder of iDateAdvice)

“This is the top 5 gay dating sites in the world.” (Serghei, spokesperson of

“Although this gay dating website doesn’t manually verify every dating profile, it is clear that there are very few spammers and scammers in this community. Obviously, this niche is better in many ways.” (Alex Ainsworth, spokesperson of Brilic Media)

“I like and I can see there are many positive reviews about this gay dating website and app on the Internet.” (Andy K., spokesperson of Findle gay travel app)

Frequently asked questions:

  • Did com clone

Honestly, I wouldn’t say one cloned the other. I guess perhaps both gay dating sites belong to the same company.

  • Is this an affordable gay dating product?

Yes, this is probably the lowest price in the industry, so any gay man who would like to try online dating without breaking the bank should join now.

  • Can I meet older men on this gay dating platform?

Although most of its members are younger men in their 20s, there are still some older gay guys in this community. But chances are you will find it very difficult to meet the right gay guy who is older than you because there aren’t enough older gay men on this platform. Therefore, if you specifically look for an older gay man, maybe you should try another gay dating site or app.

  • I know many celebrities are gay. Can I date a celebrity on com?

Well, technically, you can date a celebrity online, but perhaps most celebrities aren’t on because the prices are really low on this gay dating site. If you are looking to date a celebrity, I would like to encourage you to invest in a more expensive, high-end dating site where celebrities gay dating

  • Can I have an orgy via this site?

Statistics show that gay men are more likely to enjoy orgies than straight men, because gay men don’t need to convince women in order to organize a successful orgy – most men are quite easy-going in this regard because slut-shaming is for women only in our culture. Therefore, I would say you are very likely to have a big and satisfying orgy via in record time. As a matter of fact, dating men is so much easier than dating women because you know exactly what other gay men are thinking about already.

  • Why is gay dating so mainstream these days?

Because the establishment doesn’t want to promote a society with strong families, they tend to promote gay dating in the mainstream culture. Indeed, when a society has strong families, it’s harder to control the society. Think China and India – these countries were invaded by the West, but because of their strong families, the West can’t dominate China or India.

  • Is it possible to date Asian gay men on com?

That’s totally possible. There are many Asian gay men from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Thailand on this gay dating site and app. Hence, you will be able to meet Asian gay guys easily on this platform.

Note that is for casual flings most of the time, but some gay men have found their long-term partners via this site as well. Thus, I highly encourage you to join this gay dating site if you are looking for one-night stands or friends with benefits. But if you are keen to find a serious partner right now, you should probably join another gay dating platform instead.

Final verdict: is a legitimate, reliable and trustworthy gay dating site which also has a gay dating app on the market. In 2019, industry experts in the United States and Australia claim that this gay dating site is the most popular community for gay daters in the world. Hence, we’d like to encourage gay and bisexual men to try this dating site for gay guys today.


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