How to Hook Up with a Co-worker (Office Affairs Advice)

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Do you know that almost everyone has had a crush on someone at work? A lot of people found their spouses through work & office affairs are more common than you think. Do you know how to hook up with a hot co-worker successfully?

  • Advice for a guy who is going to New Zealand with a female co-worker on a business trip:

Context: This American guy and his sexy co-worker have been flirting with each other for a few months. Now they are going to New Zealand together for a business trip. What a perfect opportunity to hook up in a safe and confidential way! This American man wants to know how to enjoy this office affair like a natural.

Advice: When you arrive in New Zealand, eventually you’ll end up in a hotel room with her.  After entering the hotel room,do not escalate immediately.  Give her some space and time first.  If you escalate too quickly in the hotel room, it only tells her that you are needy.  Therefore, you can give her a glass of wine and relax.  You sit away from her.  Allow her to enjoy the wine by herself first.  Now she will wonder, “Maybe I’m not attractive enough in his eyes?  What’s going on?”  Let her think that way first.  And then after a while, you raise the wine glass and move closer to her and say “Cheers”.  And then you drink the wine.  Now you are sitting close to her naturally.  Then you can begin to use the slow down and pause strategy to create intense sexual tension with your bedroom eyes.stuck with a co-worker

Once you’ve done the bedroom eyes part, you can kiss her.  Meanwhile, you touch her while you two are gradually lying down in bed (I assume you two are sitting down on the edge of the bed while drinking the wine and saying “Cheers” because the hotel room is not huge – chances are at least one of you have to sit on the bed rather than a chair).  Then you figure out a way to hold her on her back (i.e. both of you face the same direction) – Now one of your hands touches her body: from her neck to her stomach (the key is to touch her breasts but do not linger there!)  After that, if she doesn’t say no, you know it’s on.  And gradually, you can undress her. Savour the office affair now! Congratulations!

A bonus tip: When you arrive in the hotel room with her, you take off your shoes first.  Ideally, you should figure out a way to get her to take off her shoes, too.  Remember: physiology leads psychology.  When we have s*x, we don’t wear shoes in bed, right?  So, when a woman is walking around without shoes, she is more likely to associate the setting with s*x (she is more comfortable to feel like having s*x).  I hope that’s clear.  But of course, this is not totally necessary because you two are already in a hotel room.  This bonus tip is more necessary if she goes to your house with you.

By the way, when you try all the techniques that I’ve taught you, don’t get caught up in your head and don’t be too analytical.  All your technical skills won’t work if you are not in a natural state.

If she wants another hotel room during the business trip, that shouldn’t affect your game, so you can let her have her own room.  You can still get her to come to your room (or you can go to her room) and begin the seduction game.  Her bad game doesn’t affect your good game. Have fun with your exciting office affair!

  • Advice for a guy who has a crush on a sexy co-worker – they have a Happy Hour every week, so he is wondering how to get this hot girl and start an office affair.

Context: This handsome guy and his attractive co-worker are pretty close at work. They have a Happy Hour once a week with some other co-workers in the same office. Now he is asking how to take things to the next level.

Advice: When the girl you like is stuck with a co-worker, they sit together at a bar. You and another co-worker join them, and you sit next to the hot girl you prefer. Now the seating plan is like this:

girls for date

Now the sexy girl you are attracted to is talking to another co-worker on her left, and you are talking to another co-worker on your right. However, you and the sexy girl are not strangers because you know each other. As you are talking to the co-worker on your right, your left leg ‘accidentally’ touches the hot girl’s right leg and you don’t move your left leg away – you keep talking to the co-worker on the right; hence, you are projecting your energy to the right. This technique is called “misdirection”. Now if the hot girl doesn’t move her right leg away either, you know it is on. Then you just escalate subtly later on. For example, perhaps later on she is sitting on a couch in the bar with another co-worker and you join them; thus, the seating plan is like this:

co worker

Now you are talking to both of them in a relaxed and funny way, yet your left hand/arm is actually touching the target woman’s back secretly. If she doesn’t have any objection, you two share a little secret in the background right now; therefore, you know it is on.

 sexy co-worker

Later you and this hot woman go to the bar for another drink. On your way back to the couch, you hold her hand lightly and you pinch her fingers slightly. If she pinches your fingers back, you know it’s absolutely on – you will have an office affair with her.

Then all other co-workers are irrelevant. You can do whatever you want. I’m sure your office affair will be very satisfying.

  • Another example of misdirection (for office affairs only):

Let’s say you are attracted to a hot woman in the office and you don’t know how to seduce her. Actually, there is a very easy way to escalate on her under the radar.

Create a scenario where three people are talking about something like weekend plans. You and the hot woman stand side by side; another co-worker stand in front of you. When you are talking about weekend plans, you put your hand on the hot woman’s shoulder or on her back while facing the third person in the dynamics (you are only looking at the third person and projecting all your energy onto the third person). In this way, the hot girl will be sufficiently seduced without knowing you did it by design.

  • Warning:

  • If you are sleeping with someone for professional reasons, you need to assess whether you can accept this potential result: you might get nothing from it. (Don Draper sleeps with women for professional reasons, and he is able to get what he wants. But not everyone is that lucky and capable. Peggy Olson slept with Duck and got nothing.)
  • If you are sleeping with a co-worker for personal reasons (you just enjoy the pleasure and the thrilling adventure), that’s okay. But you must keep things confidential.
  • When you choose a target girl in the office, sometimes you need to evaluate whether she can keep things confidential or not. Usually, that’s the most important element in the dynamics because you shouldn’t take a random risk. Only take a calculated risk.

Life is short. Have an office affair.

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