Estonian Women Dating Site on Solid Date Ideas

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Talking about what to do and how to behave on a date, an Estonian women dating website’s counselor Caroline E. has something really cool to share:young woman from Estonia

* At the initial stage, avoid dinner dates! The traditional dinner-and-movie dates are so boring that they only make you yawn. A typical dinner date is best characterized by two awkward strangers sitting opposite to each other at a dinner table in a restaurant. Eating things like spaghetti can be embarrassing when you are slightly nervous because the spaghetti sauce might go to your white shirt or your face! ‘A dinner date is often too long and if you sit in a restaurant with a girl from 6pm to 10pm, you must be a professional conversationalist to do that well,’ says Caroline, the beautiful Estonian woman, ‘Also, a dinner date is quite expensive because it can easily cost you $120 for just one date which may take you nowhere in the end.’ In fact, you’d better do dinner dates after the Estonian girl has already slept with you (you take her on a dinner date as a reward) rather than at the beginning of your relationship.

* An ideal date should have some external focus. If you tend to be nervous on a date with a hot Estonian girl, you would be well-advised to have some external focus when you are on a date. For instance, you can meet her in a park where you two can sit next to each other and observe the stars at night. Or you can take her to see an interactive comedy show. In this way, there is less pressure on you and everything looks more natural. You don’t want to sit still with the Estonian lady for hours. Instead, you should walk around with her and be interactive.

You don’t want to sit still with the Estonian lady for hours.

* The best activity that you can do with your Estonian beauty is to dance with her. Many girls from Estonia are good at dancing, and if you want to become a ladies’ man, you must learn how to dance because that’s the most sexual date activity in the world. ‘You can go to a salsa class or a tango class with your Estonian girlfriend,’ says Caroline, ‘then you can have drinks with her nearby and then walk to your apartment afterwards.’ Most men either can’t dance at all or can’t dance well, so if you can dance well, you immediately have an unfair advantage in this regard. Learning salsa or tango could be your best investment in your love life. If you want to dance but you can’t do salsa or tango well, you may learn other random dance – even dancing at a lounge or a nightclub is better than not dancing at all.a beautiful young Estonian lady

* Go shopping with your Estonian girl, but the location should be in a book store. We all know that women love shopping – they buy cosmetics, clothes and jewelry – they compete to look pretty the same way men compete in sports or careers. However, instead of going to a shopping mall that bore you to tears, you should take your Estonian girlfriend to a quirky bookstore where you can test her values. Does she value knowledge and learning? What are her interests? What kind of books does she read? Does she even read anything? Maybe she never opens a book after graduation? Or is she a life-long learner? You’ll immediately have answers to all these questions once you take her to a bookstore.

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