Welcome to the world of stunning Lena from Tartu, Estonia


25, Tartu, Estonia
If you are in Estonia you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that this place has more women than men: for every 100 women in Estonia, there are 84 men. Interesting fact, right? So with your great wish of finding your second half, you will definitely be successful here.
Estonia is well developed country with modern technologies, and is the symbol of the bright future of all three Baltic states.
Tartu is the second biggest city of Estonia and it is intellectual center with old national universities that are concentrated namely here.
You can find many places of interests here. You will be amazed by the architecture, nice nature, very hospitable people. Maybe one of your visit aims is finding your destiny here, you soul-mate! In Estonia live sincere, positive and cheerful women. And as every woman Estonian girl is waiting for her happiness and love. As Love is very important in person’s life!
They are very communicative ladies, kind and responsible, modest, and open-minded. They know what they want from life and try to get things done. They are very friendly,and love their friends and family! They are romantic and sensitive, very educated and know how to act in different situations.

Estonian girl has a warm heart, she is purposeful, easy going person. She likes to smile and to laugh and to make people happy. She is honest and loyal and for sure, it is very important qualities for every person. Communication means much for her, it is a big part of her life. She never would loose her chance for the happiness. For Estonian woman the family is very important and it stands on the first place always.

She is realist, she does not live with one day, makes plans, thinks about future . She is family oriented, and comparing with the women from your country, knows that family is number one in life! Work and carrier will never overweight!
Lena a charming lady who lives in Tartu is not looking for a prince or for a perfect man, she just needs a man with tender soul and kind inner world, a serious man who is not afraid to take care of her and to work together on their happiness. She wants to meet a smart, serious and reliable man with good sense of humor! Man, who can love and want to be loved! She wants to give him all her love attention and care. Man who is easy going and who has a wish to create a family.Due to her upbringing in warm family atmosphere, she will always do the best to keep her man happy with her. People can say that Lena is naive, but she doesn’t think so. She just tries to see best in people. She is very sensitive and always feels other people. She hopes that here she will find her soul mate with whom she can build strong relationship! Are you this man? Why not to try and to find this out?! Send your warm ‘hello’ to Elena!