What is the difference between members from Luxy and other dating sites?

Swiping is easy but getting a response is not. Does starting a conversation using her first name, sending GIFs, mentioning about food or talking about travel really enough?

The main differences are the style and target audience.

For some other apps, it’s more hip and fun for anyone to use. They are great because so many people use it and it’s fun to flick through pics, Some doesn’t offer the hip factor, but it does offer a true social network feel, which lends itself to people spending more time looking at profiles than simply swiping or scrolling through them in microseconds. For Luxy, It’s more on the classy, serious side. Gearing towards the high status.

Why men still failed using pick up lines from dating experts?

You can search on Google for top 100 pick up lines, dating advices from experts, but still find yourself at the very end of the road — No Response. Not to even mentioned about the usual pick up lines.

So what are the traits and habits of an attractive woman?

  1. They keep their cool

A woman who is attractive increases her strength and knows how to take care of herself. Her assurances come from within.

They adjust themselves to all circumstances, without losing their composure or showing their feeling. So they tend to be on a standpoint where they can see and observe everything about you first.

  1. Attraction isn’t a choice

A woman of beauty might become easily spoiled in attention. You can’t get her attention simply with an attractive woman because she’s too picky to feel something for you, you don’t know how attraction works because women do not choose to feel attraction.

Talking to attractive woman need plans, you need to trigger attraction, if not she’s choosing to not be with someone she feels nothing for. This may sounds tiring, but it’s all worth it when you know the way around it

  1. They maintain a level of discipline

Some attractive woman organise their time, they are of high status. If they don’t have blocks of time already set up to do things that matter, you’re already losing ground. They know just when to stop, the right timing to get their attention is an important factor.

From these list, you can tell attractive women have higher status and purpose in life and they have probably heard a thousand times more of those pick up line than any other women.

What is the difference in starting a conversation with the rich compare to other dating sites.

  1. How to Make a Graceful Exit

Like we mentioned earlier, you need plans to talk to attractive women. It’s important to know your purpose or what you want to achieve out of this conversation beforehand. Your purpose can be establishing connection with someone or as simple as letting her know you exist. Noticed when the mission is accomplished, and feel free to wrap it up. Keep their mind lingering.

  1. Figuring the right time

Try to start a conversation at a different time of a day (this probably required a few days to test it out) to see when she is at her most active and with the quickest response. Voila! After you found the right timing, dive deeper to understand more of what they do and what is their working style like.

  1. Respect personal space

Yes, many times people think that to impress the opposite, is to converse in their language. For this case, don’t try too hard to think as alike as them. Attractive women like to feel that they are special in their own way. Respect her ground and don’t get too close to her diameter of what she does best, instead, praise her and show your admiration. Afterall, you will never understand what they have been through. Along the way, start establishing your values as well. They like it when you are equally ambitious as them but not with their profession.
Let’s take a further look into some of the key functions that Luxy have and why they are different?

Vouch System

Luxy is the only app that does this. A vouching system. It filters new users by letting the existing members have the power to decide by voting in or out the new users based on their profiles’ quality. Apart from that, there is a time limit of 24 hours to gain existing member’s votes. If you do not gain more than 50% of votes within these 24 hours you will be unable to use Luxy services.

Events and off line dating

According to a survey from Luxy millionaire dating site, it shows that 78% of Luxy members are willing to attend an off line events and 64% are actually interested to hold a 1 on 1 date. After this study, Luxy decide to provide off line dating service for their members.

This is a function that we find it interesting. Inside the Luxy app, you can find Events section. In this section you can attend a Luxy party or host a 1 on 1 date by yourself.    

eventsnigth parties

Luxy Events

1 on 1 date

Luxy provides luxury millionaire match for rich and wealthy men. While there are some other elites dating apps, Luxy executes the most accurate and reliable verification process to guarantee the best user quality in the dating app world.

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