Why is it harder for elite singles to find true love?

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Surprisingly, elite singles face many challenges in their love lives as well. Interestingly, a bum has nothing to lose, yet elite singles have everything they want except meaningful relationships. Hence, the elite have a higher risk in dating.

  • On a totally free dating site, the elite find it more difficult to meet the right candidates.

It is well-known that completely free dating sites have a large number of members. In order to find quality, quantity obviously matters. So, a lot of elite daters have also joined 100% free dating sites. However, the issue is high-value singles on an absolutely free dating website are not very common.

Relationship expert Jade Seashell has a digital program called Irresistible Women’s Academy which is about teaching women how to date high-value men. The funny thing is most of her students are wealthy ladies looking for wealthy men.meet real women

Further examination shows that rich women do not want to marry down because they don’t want to be taken advantage of or used by poor and lazy men. As a result, they prefer rich men who can actually match them when it comes to success and status.

However, not everybody is aware of how to date the rich. Therefore, many elite singles have joined various free dating websites where affluent daters are rare.

Before meeting rich candidates, you have to ask yourself, “Where are the rich singles?” – and you should be there as well!

  • Affluent singles spend too much time working hard and have too little time for their social life.

Yes, some rich people don’t have to work. But realistically, the majority of the rich who have made it by themselves are extremely hardworking – they are self-made entrepreneurs! That’s why these high-value individuals do not have enough time to socialize with others.

I know a woman who works 85 hours per week – she is very, very, very busy because she is always working on projects, looking for new customers and managing seven email Inboxes! But she is very passionate about her work and likes doing it so much.

When I asked her, “How many new men do you meet each month?”, her answer was, “I meet zero to one new man per month as I almost never go out.”

Here is my advice for her:

  1. Each week, she should make time for social events.
  2. Leverage her beautiful energy and dress up every day.
  3. In terms of social get-togethers, Happy Hours and parties, she would be well-advised to say yes to every invitation.free chat online
  • A lot of elite singles can only meet individuals in their own industries.

My mentor told me to stop spending time with losers several years ago. I think her advice is valuable. Having said that, the first impression can hardly tell you whether someone is a loser or a high achiever.

Online dating is the best way to meet individuals that you wouldn’t meet in real life, so many elite singles have joined dating sites and dating apps.

Sadly, most elite singles tend to make this mistake: they only spend time with those who are in their own industries. For example, Carol is a wildly successful girl boss with a high 6-figure company in the online marketing industry. All of her friends and acquaintances are in the online marketing industry. Now Carol is wondering why she can’t meet the right man.

Actually, Carol should meet those who are not in her industry in order to expand her outlook and maximize her romantic success.

That’s why online dating is a much better option for Carol.elite singles to find true love

  • The counterproductive high standards:

No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there is something wrong with high standards in your love life. I mean your standards must be realistic and should match your skills.

A friend of mine has dated several con artists as her standard is: this guy has to be wealthy. That’s her No. 1 standard when it comes to dating and relationships.

Unfortunately, when this standard is the only priority, this lady usually ignores other aspects that are equally important, if not more important. Frankly, there aren’t enough wealthy guys out there on the market; consequently, this lady was conned by several con artists who were pretending to be affluent so as to look good.best dating site

Okay, let’s call her Amy. In 2007, Amy dated a man who told her that he was in the fashion industry. They met each other on a totally free dating site. Nonetheless, that man used her for money and s*x as he promised her a future which was actually a lie. He was a real con artist.

In 2009, Amy dated another man who looked wealthy. Because she really wanted to get married as soon as possible, she married this guy within 3 months. Yet then this man also turned out to be a con man who literally used Amy for financial reasons. Note that he did not use her for s*x as he didn’t even like her! This is unbelievable, but it’s real. Now they are divorced.

According to Amy, because she focused on a guy’s wealth and status too much, she actually ignored other qualities in a man. In actuality, rich men are uncommon, so Amy was conned by two con men who seemed to be rich.

In conclusion, without kindness, you can’t trust the person you are dating.

It turns out that elite singles have many challenges in the dating department.

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