A Comparison of Three Russian Dating Solutions: Russian Marriage Agencies, Free Russian Dating Sites and Russian Dating Sites with Subscription

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Many Western men are wondering which option to choose when they are looking for Russian brides online. In fact, the overwhelming choices on the Internet might make you want to give it up. Fortunately, now I’ve decided to clarify what’s available on the market.

Option 1: Russian marriage agencies

Russian marriage agencies usually have offices in Russia. These agencies interview every Russian woman who would like to keep their profiles on file. Therefore, Russian women who have joined these Russian marriage agencies are actually more reliable. These agencies often have a huge trustworthy database for you to browse and choose. Many of these agencies also have websites that list Russian girls’ profiles online, so you can easily access those women’s photos and profiles on the Internet. (Think online shopping?)

Some Russian marriage agencies have business partners overseas (e.g. in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and so on). So they might have branches in Western countries – usually, other international marriage agencies have offices which represent these Russian marriage agencies in Western countries. That means you don’t necessarily have to go to Russia in order to use their services. You can easily make full use of their services if you live in a big city of a Western country.a beautiful curvy Russian gir

Of course, certain Russian marriage agencies also organize fancy trips to Russia, so that you can visit Russia and meet women in Russia in person. If you are a wealthy guy, this is great because you’ll not only enjoy the luxurious trip, but also enjoy the girls in Russia.

Option 2: free Russian dating sites

There are some free Russian dating websites on the Internet, and you should totally use them to your advantage because they are 100% free. Now you may wonder why they are able to run such big dating websites for free, right?

Many men are wondering which option to choose when they are looking for Russian brides online. I’ve decided to clarify what’s available on the market.

Let me show you the rationale behind their operation:

Free Russian dating sites monetize their websites via advertising, not via selling memberships to you. In other words, because their database is huge, they simply sell members’ attention – they add advertisements on their website for you to see, and that’s how they get paid. That means they are paid by other businesses, not by you!

Usually, free Russian dating sites have many more members than most other dating sites because they are free to join. Also, if you see ads on their sites, don’t feel annoyed, because that only means they have a large number of members. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to sell ads to businesses. Indeed, if they have many members, you are more likely to meet more high-quality Russian beauties.

Option 3: Russian dating sites with subscription

Perhaps you are wondering – since there are free Russian dating websites, why would someone join a Russian dating site with subscription? Who wants to pay for memberships?a beautiful blonde Russian lady

Well, that’s a great question. Here is the reason why Russian dating websites with subscription would never go out of business:

They use pricing to filter people. High quality clients are more likely to pay for their services. Because ladies from Russia only want high-value men, they have to filter men by setting up a pricing list. In other words, when smart women in Russia join a Russian dating site, they want to know that they can actually date high quality men instead of guys who only want cheap sex. That’s why intelligent and well-educated Russian girls prefer Russian dating websites with subscription.

That’s correct. The easiest way to filter people is to set up a pricing structure, i.e. different people pay different prices in order to enjoy different benefits. In the end, you get what you pay for – services are so much better if you have a premium membership. Advanced services include translating love letters for you and Russian beauties, giving you dating advice or counseling, ranking higher in search results, and so on.

Because it’s not totally free, many men are not on these Russian dating sites with subscription. Therefore, you have less competition here, which is good news, right? We all know that there are usually many more women than men on any online dating sites, so you don’t want to have too many competitors who are chasing women at the same time.

Hopefully you have understood the differences between these three Russian dating options, and now it’s much easier for you to make the right decision. I’d like to commend you for doing your homework and getting ready for the new chapter of your love life.


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