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Gary Vaynerchuk famously said, “You just need to be yourself.” In business, that means you should have enough self-awareness to know who you are and focus on your strengths, but this philosophy doesn’t really apply to most guys when it comes to dating and relationships. Here is why – unless you know exactly who you are, what your strengths are and how to leverage them well, “be yourself” takes you nowhere because it’s actually an excuse not to work on yourself and improve. Let’s say you go to a gym and ask the personal trainer what you should do and what you should eat, but the personal trainer says, “just be yourself”. Are you happy with that answer? Of course no! Because you need to know exactly what actions to take in order to achieve your goal, right? This article will help you understand how to interact with women in Southeast Asia and how to convey your strengths successfully.a gorgeous Southeast Asian girl

* Don’t ask Southeast Asian women what they want and don’t actually believe what they say. I know this statement sounds a bit strange, but let me explain. The truth is many Asian women don’t really know what they want exactly, and more importantly, what Southeast Asian girls logically think they want isn’t what they actually respond to. A lady in Asia will probably tell you that she wants a loyal man who is only attracted to her. But if you are that guy, she may lose interest in you. That’s because Southeast Asian beauties respond to something very different – the raw truth is they want high-value men who have options. Let’s have a look at this ancient scenario: when humans were living in caves, only the high-value man who had lots of resources also got many women because women naturally prefer high-value men like that. If you are a low-value guy with limited resources, Asian women won’t prefer you no matter how faithful you are because you don’t live in abundance.

* Understand Southeast Asian ladies’ sexuality. Mainstream media in Western countries tend to tell people that women don’t like sex, so men should persuade women to have sex with them, and if you do this all the time, you must be a creepy and sleazy man. But that’s completely not true. Women love sex. In fact, women probably love sex more than men do. Here is why: because women’s sexuality is contextual, women can be turned on very easily. Also, a woman’s clitoris’ only purpose is for pleasure – it has twice as many nerve endings as a man’s entire penis. A Southeast Asian woman’s vagina is tighter due to the Asian biology, so she tends to experience more intense orgasms.

If you are a low-value guy with limited resources, Asian women won’t prefer you no matter how faithful you are because you don’t live in abundance.

* Improve your vocal skills. Because women from Southeast Asia want high-status men, the way you talk is paramount – your voice can change your perceived value. First of all, you need to slow down when you are talking. We all tend to talk very fast when we are nervous, especially when we meet someone that we are attracted to. But a fast speech is an obstacle because it makes you sound like a nervous loser. Therefore, you have to use a slow and calm voice to command authority. Secondly, vary your tone. Do not talk with a monotone voice. If you listen to charismatic people, none of them has a monotone voice. Last but not least, make sure your statements don’t sound like questions. This is a common problem in Australia and some areas in America: people often use a rising tone at the end of a statement. Unfortunately, a rising tone makes a statement sound like a question, thereby showing uncertainty. In other words, when your statements sound like questions, you seem to be unsure of yourself, so it’s not good for your perceived value. From now on, you’ll end your statements conclusively. Just use a lower pitch and be firm.a young Asian woman

* Get a manicure and pedicure. This sounds bizarre, right? You may wonder, “Why the hell should I get a manicure and pedicure?! I’m a man!” But this is probably the best advice in this article. Let me explain. If I tell you to go buy some new clothes and shoes, get a new haircut, and go to the gym, you will yawn because those are very basic things that are also very well-known. In fact, any man who has common sense and would like to become a ladies’ man is already doing these. So if you just do these basic things, you won’t stand out from the crowd. The important things that will set you apart are things that most men wouldn’t do. I still remember many years ago when I went on a date with an incredibly attractive guy – we had a great time, as he was driving me back, I was sitting next to him in the car and I saw his nails – there was dirt under his broken nails. Apparently, a 10 became a 2 immediately. Hence, you would be well-advised to go to a nail salon and get your nails buffed. You don’t need a colored polish, but you may request a clear top coat. Women in Southeast Asia will appreciate that and be impressed by your good grooming. Other details that will set you apart are: A) go to a spa and get your eye-brows managed (you can even dye a slightly darker or lighter shade); B) use mints regularly so that you have fresh breath all the time, and don’t forget to floss every day; C) whiten your teeth.

* Practice on everyone. Don’t wait until you’ve met your perfect Asian girl. You should start now and practice on everyone you meet. You can be the high-energy, charismatic and charming guy no matter who you are talking to. This will help you get ready when you meet your ideal Southeast Asian beauty.

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