A Memorable Interview with ? Women from Tokyo?

Women from Tokyo

I interviewed several women from Tokyo last week and they have given me written permission to share their answers with you on this blog ?

  • Which website is your favorite site on the Internet?

Answer (provided by a 25-year-old woman from Tokyo): My favorite website is YouTube.  I’m pretty sure everyone has heard a lot about it because it’s currently the second biggest search engine in the world. 

I really like YouTube mainly because it’s so entertaining and educational.  It provides a wealth of information such as self-help content, music and news.  Besides, I can easily subscribe to any channel that I like so that I wouldn’t miss any new videos that I enjoy.  The layout of YouTube is very well-organized and user-friendly.

I absolutely adore YouTube because it allows me to download any video that I would like to save on my computer or mobile phone.  In this way, I can easily watch those videos whenever I want without Internet access.

Lady From Tokyo
Lady From Tokyo

YouTube belongs to Google, the biggest online company in the world.  That’s why I can use YouTube as long as I have a Google account, which is very handy.

Right now, I’m learning how to make videos by myself, so I will launch my own YouTube channel next month.  I’m quite confident because my YouTube videos will focus on my music.  I will play the piano while singing pop songs in my videos, so hopefully I can have a large following pretty soon.  My confidence is backed up by my competence, as I have been learning how to play the piano since 2001.  Music is my passion and I’ve realized that YouTube is the perfect platform for me to create my own fans who will follow me in my future career in this industry.

I’m really hooked on YouTube.  It’s so incredibly powerful.

  • Which city would you like to visit?

Answer (provided by a 29-year-old lady from Tokyo): As far as I’m concerned, all people, regardless of their background, have heard something about Los Angeles, not just because of its Disneyland, but also because of its Hollywood.

Obviously, Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the United States.  It’s the most well-known city in California.  Los Angeles means “the angels” in Spanish.  That probably means Spanish people like this city very much.  Indeed, nearly 50% of its population are from South America where Spanish is spoken.

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Los Angeles is renowned for its cultural diversity.  People of all races live in this city.  What fascinates me most is the American modernity.  Certainly, the United States is a young country, and Los Angeles promotes its modern lifestyle extremely well. 

The city of Los Angeles is the hub of California’s financial world.  It’s also a major transport center and a port.  Los Angeles has the busiest airport in California.

I am eager to visit Los Angeles because I really want to meet those Hollywood movie stars.  In Los Angeles, many people see celebrities in the street because there are just so many of them!  So, I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to go to Los Angeles with my best friend who is also a lady from Tokyo and experience this world-class city first-hand.

Some of my friends like going shopping in Los Angeles because it’s a mecca for fashion lovers.  Of course, almost every famous brand can be found in Los Angeles, like Gucci, Chanel, Dior… you name it.

Los Angeles is the best city in the world, hands down.

  • Do you have a favorite library?

Answer (provided by a 28-year-old girl from Tokyo): I have visited the library in the city that I live in.  It’s a public library located at the city center.  It’s my favorite place in the city because there are so many things to do here.

The library has a huge glass curtain wall, so the exterior is gorgeous.  In fact, its interior is neat too.  The entrance hall has a self-service desk where I can borrow and return books easily, so I simply scan my library card to complete those tasks very quickly.  Of course, there is still a circulation desk with a staff member to help visitors who don’t want to use the self-service desk.

girl from Tokyo
Girl From Tokyo

There are many reading rooms in this library.  I often study in one of these reading rooms because the ambience there is perfect.  Sometimes I even book a group study room for my friends so that we can discuss our group projects together.

The photocopy room in the library is pretty cool as well.  I can print or photocopy documents at a low price, and scanning documents is a free service.  Everything is so handy there.

Because the library has such a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere, I visit this library at least once a week.  It is really a fount of wisdom which provides a wealth of books.

In my opinion, this library is a mecca for knowledge-craving people like me.  My Number One value is knowledge and growth, so I really enjoy reading.  Borrowing books from the library saves me a lot of money – that’s why I’m a regular there. I have many friends who are also women from Tokyo, and they love this library, too.

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  • Do you like living in an apartment of a house?

Answer (provided by a 24-year-old woman from Tokyo): I love living in an apartment! Currently, I live in an apartment in the city.  It’s quite average, without anything too fancy.  But its location is seriously perfect because it’s in the center of the city where everything is so accessible.

Apart from its convenient location, I also like my apartment because it’s small and cosy.  In fact, I’m not a fan of big houses, for I don’t like cleaning a big house which simply wastes a lot of space.  Apparently, I dislike doing housework, so a small apartment doesn’t require too much time when it comes to doing weekly housework.

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My apartment has a sitting room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.  With all functionalities that I need, this apartment affords me a satisfying lifestyle that I really enjoy every day.

Also, my bedroom has a beautiful view over the city, because I live on the 12th floor.  Indeed, I like high-rise buildings like this and I love the way of life in the city.

My apartment has a lot of decorations.  For example, there is a vision board in my sitting room.  On this vision board, there are a range of photos and meaningful words which represent what I want to achieve in the future.  So, I can see my goals and plans on a daily basis.  The vision board also includes my identity statement and daily rituals that I must complete.  I just like keeping myself inspired all the time.  I made the vision board all by myself, so I’m very proud of that.

Dating Tokyo Girl
Dating Tokyo Girl

Also, my bedroom has many paintings on the wall.  I love art so much that I have bought a lot of paintings when I was travelling overseas.

Living in this apartment all by myself is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. Most of my friends are girls from Tokyo as well, and they have the same preference, according to my observation.

Women from Tokyo are fun-loving, interesting and relaxed.

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