Why Taipei women are so alluring, appealing & attractive

Taipei holiday women

Taipei ladies are popular because they are the sexiest women in Asia. Do you know why they are so sweet?

  • They always wear feminine colors such as red, pink, purple and beige.

Strategy description: The most intriguing and absorbing color is red.  According to a major study, this is especially true in men’s eyes.  If you want men to further please you, you’d better wear red or at least use something red.

Rationale: So, you are already reading this page, which means you have totally understood why a red tight dress with flowers/butterflies/love hearts pattern on it is the most seductive outfit.

Even when you are not wearing red clothes, because it doesn’t suit your skin tone or hair/eye color, you can still use a red handbag or wear a red hair clip.  Be creative!women asian online

  • Taipei woman Lucy’s demonstration story:

Taipei lady Lucy’s journal – 15th December

“Lucy, you are the most interesting woman that I know,” Liam whispers in my ear.

“Why?”  I ask.

“Because instead of wearing pajamas at home, you wear a red bikini.  When you are walking around at home like this, I just feel like I am the luckiest man in the world, because I’m with you!”  Liam couldn’t help but smile with real satisfaction on his face.

“Ha!  I should wear something more.”  I take out a vintage necklace and put it on.  It’s a silver necklace with a pendant which is a precious red stone—ruby.

“You are such a distraction!  I can’t even work in front of my computer at home, because I want to jump you all the time!”  Liam says. “And now that ruby necklace shines like a flame!”

“Why?”  I am curious again.

“Because I like seeing women wearing red.  It just turns me on!”  Liam confesses.two sex Taipei

In fact, I have done something extra.  It’s my secret: I use different shades of eyeshadow to beautify my cleavage!  The highlight and the shadow make my cleavage look perfect!

Apart from that, I also use body lotion with shimmer on the area of my collarbones!

When I have “dressed up” like this at home, I still do things like reading, emailing, cooking, etc.  The combination of sexual presentation and serious work is such a unique pairing.

“Okay.  It’s time for me to do some choreography work.”  I walk into the big room with a mirror on the entire wall.

I think my body and soul are both designed to be sexual (the truth is: all human beings are designed to be sexual), so in the mirror I can see that the dance moves designed by me are really full of sexual energy.

The beauty of Taipei is that even in wintertime (December), it’s not really cold like hell.  So, when I wear very little at home when the heater is on, it’s so liberating.

When I can literally see my body so clearly and vividly in the mirror while dancing, it always inspires me to create more art for this world.

Liam hears the music, so he is standing at the door, quietly watching me dancing.

As the music fades away, I finish the dance and lean on the mirror.Taipei women

My eyes meet Liam’s.  Liam walks towards me.  I am still in the “dance high,” yet his fingers are already in my wavy hair.

We start to make love in front of the mirror.  Liam holds me in his arms and my feet are not touching the floor anymore—I really feel “high.”  He drops my bikini on the floor, and the thrusts of his penis are accompanied by his strong arms holding my body in the air.  It is this level of trust that makes me able to completely let go and surrender myself to this adventure.

I observe our intercourse in the mirror so clearly and so vividly—it’s the most beautiful motion picture I have ever seen.  I just don’t want to miss out on one minute like this.  Yes, I am wicked and wild—my body wants to feel Liam’s penetration and touch; my eyes want to witness the entire process at the same time.  What a feast for the eyes!  The curve from my lower back to my bottom is just amazing, especially with each move during this fiery lovemaking!

After we have both reached the feverish orgasm, Liam still holds me in his arms.  We are looking at each other in the mirror.  “Life with you is unbelievable, my beautiful wife from Taipei,” Liam says.

“Ditto.”  That’s exactly what I want to tell him. And I’m glad to be his Taipei wife.Taipei women online

  • Taipei women have brains and can be ideal mothers.

Lucy is a professional IELTS coach from Taiwan. She is not only a beautiful Taipei stunner, but also a successful educator. Here’s what she wrote for the most popular IETLS coaching forum in Taiwan (most Taipei ladies who move to western countries must sit the IELTS test):

Unconventional Success Strategy: How to Predict What Would Happen in The IELTS Test

The IELTS test is the biggest language test in the world, yet there are still a lot of myths regarding this test – this has caused a certain level of stress for many IELTS candidates.

One major myth of the IELTS test is: “If I look at the IELTS writing questions and speaking questions which were used last month, then I should have a good understanding of what will happen in my IELTS test this month.”

Now I am here to dispel the myth because even many IELTS teachers believe it’s true and are trying to tell IELTS candidates about which questions were used in the previous month or even last week!

The truth is: The IELTS questions used in the previous month or last week definitely won’t be used again this month or this week!

Then, how can we predict what will happen in the IELTS test this week/this month?Taipei beautiful women

Solution: You need to look at IELTS questions that were used at least six months ago!

Developing new questions requires a lot of resources, so the ultimate IELTS examiners who are designing the test would like to save some resources – that’s why they recycle previous questions that were used at least half a year ago.

Although which specific questions you should prepare for is beyond the scope of this blog article (that’s the content that I teach my private clients), at least now you have a better understanding of what to look at and what not to look at when it comes to predicting the IELTS questions in your test.

Clearly, Lucy is smart, intelligent and switched-on. She knows what she is doing at work and at home. No wonder Liam says Lucy is the best Taipei wife. “I’m glad that I married such a wise wife from Taipei – she is a great educator, so I’m pretty sure in the future she can educate our children very well,” says Liam, a Canadian guy who is married to a Taipei lady Lucy, “I’m looking forward to our first baby.”

Taipei women who work as teachers are wife materials because they can educate kids well & know how to maintain a healthy family environment.

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