Your Ukrainian Mail-order Bride and Her Visa

Ukrainian Mail-order Bride

Sometimes the Department of Immigration may conduct a face-to-face interview with a Ukrainian mail-order bride when they think it’s necessary to do so. Indeed, visa application can be a complex process in some western countries these days, but don’t worry – it can be done if you know how to prepare for it well. In this article, I’m going to share some useful advice in this regard with you. But please note that each visa application is different because everyone’s situation is unique; therefore, information provided in this article / on this blog is for general information purpose only and we will not shoulder any responsibility if you decide to use the information on our website for your personal purpose.

  • If your Ukrainian mail-order bride is going to attend a face-to-face interview at Department of Immigration, she must improve her English listening skills in the first place.

Before the face-to-face interview, your Ukrainian mail-order bride must practice English listening skills by combining intensive listening with extensive listening.  Intensive listening means you study and analyze each sentence in the text that you are listening to.  Extensive listening means you listen to something for understanding only (it can be something entertaining).

If you are wondering how many hours your Ukrainian lady should practice listening for every day, here’s my answer: It would be great if she can spend one hour doing intensive listening every day.  As to extensive listening, she may do it when she is cooking or driving.

If your Ukrainian mail-order bride must sit the IELTS test for some reason during the visa application process, she needs to improve her reading skills as well. Just like the listening component, she must combine intensive reading with extensive reading.  Intensive reading means you study and analyze every sentence you read in a text.  Extensive reading means you only read for comprehension purpose (you can choose articles that interest you).ukrainian women online

In order to do well in the face-to-face interview at Department of Immigration, your Ukrainian bride would be well-advised to practice speaking for two hours per day.  She can do some practice speaking tests, read aloud, talk to a friend in English, etc.

If your Ukrainian woman is keen to improve her English writing skills as well, then she should practice writing at least three English essays per week.  It would be even better if someone can give her some feedback on her essays so that she knows how to improve her writing skills.  When she is writing a practice essay, make sure she complies with the time limit if she is going to sit the IELTS test for her visa application.

Talking about some punctuation rules in IELTS writing, you can use any punctuation except exclamatory mark  and question mark ? in the formal style of the IELTS writing.  Learn how to use colon, semicolon , dash  and brackets  in IELTS writing.  Usually, colon, dash and brackets are used to explain something (I guess you have already noticed that I have used a lot of those on this blog).  Semicolon is usually used when two parts of a sentence are closely linked to each other in terms of meaning, but they are grammatically independent.  Semicolon also has other functions, but in the IELTS test, the above-mentioned function of semicolon is enough.  Please avoid contractions (e.g., don’t, can’t, they’re) in the formal style of the IELTS writing because contractions are informal.  If it is an informal letter (some letters in General Training Writing Task 1), then your Ukrainian beauty can use contractions.Ukrainian wife

  • The interviewer at Department of Immigration may ask your Ukrainian bride her future plans with you.

The easiest way to answer that question is to say your Ukrainian wife will start a business with you. But the interviewer may ask questions about the interviewee’s risk tolerance level in order to see whether the answer is legitimate or not.

Clearly, the real reason why purebred entrepreneurs have high risk tolerance is because they have confidence which is backed up by competence. Then, where does competence come from? It directly comes from knowledge and skills. That’s exactly why people who highly value knowledge also tend to be those who can grow businesses. When I say “highly value knowledge”, I’m not talking about going to university, because universities are designed to create employees so that the elite can leverage other people to make money. Many people have university degrees, but oftentimes none of the knowledge they learned from their universities is transferable to a business. Frankly, I also taught Business Management courses at university and I didn’t even need to prepare for those lessons because everything in the textbook is as basic as common sense in the business world.

That’s why both Robert Kiyosaki and I believe that investing in education is the best investment. Interestingly, Robert Kiyosaki doesn’t believe in the education offered by universities either. If you’ve read Robert Kiyosaki’s books, you already know what I’m talking about.

Universities aren’t totally useless. In fact, I would argue that universities must exist because not everyone is supposed to become an entrepreneur. Not everyone is willing to work 90 hours per week & take risks (nor should they). Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Hence, there is certainly a place for universities in this world.Ukrainian lady

What I’m saying is universities can’t teach people how to become entrepreneurs. The essential knowledge and skills regarding entrepreneurship must be learned elsewhere.

If you and your Ukrainian mail-order bride didn’t have any business experience previously, you will have to start from entry-level entrepreneurship.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think you need to have a business name at this stage because according to the rules and regulations in many countries, all business names must be registered with the government & that may lead to extra business expense regularly. In order to minimize your risk, you don’t really need a business name right now.

By the way, business names are not even important. Do you really think business names such as “Google” and “Apple” are highly creative and mind-blowing? ?However, they are the most successful businesses in the world.Ukrainian bride

Therefore, you and your Ukrainian mail-order bride can have a business name when your revenue can justify why you need a business name in the future.

Honestly, you and your Ukrainian bride don’t really have to have a business slogan either because a slogan is a small detail which won’t make a difference, whereas the big picture changes the game.

Remember: Nine times out of ten, only big strategies matter. Most things don’t really matter when it comes to doing business. That being said, there is a time and place for small details, e.g. when you want to give your client or customer an unforgettable experience – that’s when small details matter. For instance, almost every formal document that I sent to my clients includes some kind of artistic design except deliverables (most of the time, I don’t add artistic elements to deliverables because deliverables are speeches, press releases and articles that are already full of other key elements which can’t co-exist with distractions).Ukrainian beauty

An analogy: When you buy expensive coffee in a coffeehouse, the artistic designs on coffee (topping) are the real reason why the coffee experience makes you feel good. However, the business owner of the coffee shop isn’t thinking about designing the topping when they are creating a business plan which has to focus on the big picture. From the big picture’s perspective, the artistic designs on coffee aren’t necessary. But when it comes to customer service, small details such as the artistic designs on coffee are usually the main reason why one coffee shop has more customers than another coffee shop or why this coffee shop’s coffee is more expensive than other coffee shops’ coffee.

Your Ukrainian mail-order bride may have to attend a face-to-face interview with an officer at Department of Immigration before getting a visa.

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