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asked 5 years ago

Are there any real dating sites that Ukrainian people use?

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Yes, there are.
Ukraine is a big country in Europe, so there are many Ukrainian women who can speak English fluently – they are very well-educated ladies from Ukraine.
You may try these legitimate Ukrainian dating sites:
1) is a trustworthy Ukrainian dating site which introduces Ukrainian girls to western men. The quality of its members is very high and you don’t have to be a White guy in order to become a member. Some of their members are Asian, Black and Hispanic men. Note that it is not a free dating site because you are asking someone to find you a genuine partner – it’s not supposed to be free.
2) is a reliable dating site which introduces Ukrainian mail-order brides to western men. Note that they have an office in Ukraine, so they can vet all female candidates carefully. Thus, it is a reputable Ukrainian dating site.
3) is a trusty dating website which helps Western men to meet Ukrainian ladies who are interested in international dating. They have offices in Ukraine, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. It is trusted by millions of members worldwide.
4) is also a well-known international dating site which introduces Ukrainian women and Russian women to western men who are looking to marry foreign brides. If that’s your thing, you must check it out. Yes, I said “must”, not “should” because I know this is a high-quality dating site on the market.
5) isn’t a Ukrainian dating site theoretically, but it has some Ukrainian ladies as well. Therefore, if you are open-minded enough, maybe you can date some Russian women and some Ukrainian women before you decide which lady you should marry. Having said that, please note that is all about helping people find serious relationships rather than casual flings, so if you aren’t serious, please don’t join this site.

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