Does your Russian Mail-order Bride need to find a real job in a western country?

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So, you are married to a Russian mail-order bride, but do you know that in order to help her find a real job in an English-speaking country, she probably has to do lots of preparation? Some employers will ask their candidates to go through a comprehensive interview before hiring someone. Let me share some tips with you in this regard today.

  • Job interview Part I – a writing component is usually a short analytical report on something visual: a line graph, a bar chart, a pie chart, a table, a diagram or a map.

If your Russian mail-order bride is looking for a professional job which is very sought-after on the market, the employer may need to test her English writing and speaking skills. Usually, she needs to write four paragraphs in the analytical report – introduction, Body Paragraph 1, Body Paragraph 2 and conclusion.  The introduction is simply a paraphrase of the sentence provided in the question, so your Russian mail-order bride can just use some synonyms to replace certain words.  Body Paragraph 1 addresses one aspect of what you see; Body Paragraph 2 addresses the other aspect of what you see.  In terms of how to divide the whole task into two aspects, it is really up to you because you may decide to write one paragraph for each table (if there are two tables), or you may decide to write one paragraph for each line (if there are two lines in the line graph).  You may want to write three body paragraphs if it is necessary, but please don’t write more than three body paragraphs as it is a short essay.  As to the conclusion, you only need to write one sentence to summarize the overall trend or the general situation of what you of russian

  • Write paragraphs without indentations.

Indented style means there are a number of blank spaces at the beginning of a paragraph.  Yet this style is a bit old-fashioned now.

I would like your mail-order bride from Russia to use paragraphs without indentations due to the following reasons:

  • When you write without indentations at the beginning of your paragraphs, you must leave an empty line between two paragraphs. That means the overall length of your report appears to be longer!
  • Once you leave an empty line between two paragraphs, it is much easier for the interviewer to read your report.
  • Use a blue pen, if possible.

Your bride from Russia would be well-advised to use a blue pen to write her report during the job interview.  Here is why:

  • The interviewer who will read the writing response must read many reports in one day. The truth is most candidates would use a black pen to write their essays, which presents a depressing ambience in front of the interviewer (imagine reading large chunks of black words in all handwritten shapes and forms for hours)!  Therefore, if your Russian wife’s essay is written with a blue pen, the interviewer’s eyes may feel refreshed, thereby giving her some credit for it.
  • Using a blue pen to write on white paper is good for your Russian bride’s brain (this has been proved to be true by science), which has the potential to help your Russian mail-order bride with her content creation.

It would be even better if she can use a blue fountain pen because her handwriting usually looks more beautiful and artistic with the help of a fountain pen.

If she makes a mistake, she simply crosses out the mistake, and writes down the correction above it.

If she doesn’t really have the confidence to write with a blue pen (she makes too many mistakes because her English is not good enough), she may use a pencil so that corrections can be made easily once she has an eraser with her during the job interview.western country russian job

  • Make your Russian mail-order bride

The job interview is a face-to-face interview.  That means it cannot be completely objective.  In other words, it is subjective to some extent.  Therefore, it is very important to make your Russian wife presentable when she attends the interview:

  • Her personal hygiene has to be good. Do not show up with oily hair, smelly clothes, etc.  (Yes, I am blunt!)  Have a shower in the morning before attending the job interview.  If she really has body odor, remember to use deodorant or perfume to cover it, but don’t overuse the deodorant or perfume.  If she has bad breath, she must use a mint before entering the interview room!  (I wish I didn’t have to say this, but I truly want to help.)
  • Wear formal clothes. For instance, blouses are more formal than T-shirts because of the collar.  Do not wear trainers and jeans. Being presentable shows your respect!

The first impression plays a key role in any human interaction.  A good first impression may make the interviewer want to help you!  Who doesn’t want to help someone who is respectful and presentable?russian women find a job

  • Understand the nature of the three parts.

There are three parts in the face-to-face interview.  Part One is checking facts; Part Two is an in-depth discussion; Part Three is actually a debate. Although the interviewer may or may not be aware of this process, that is how most job interviews work.

Don’t only use ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to answer certain binary questions.  Instead, your Russian mail-order bride must provide more extra information to show her insights.

If the interviewer believes that your Russian bride may land this job, then nine times out of ten, the interviewer will challenge her by doing a debate with her – they want to see whether she is able to defend herself and justify her opinions while talking about high-level/abstract concepts and ideas.  As a result, when she is challenged by the interviewer, she shouldn’t feel stressed.  Instead, she should feel very happy because that is a good sign!married to a Russian mail-order bride

  • Practice in front of a mirror.

When your Russian beauty is practicing the job interview at home, she can do it in front of a mirror so that she can see how she talks and hears what she says at the same time.

Alternatively, she can make a video of herself while practicing the job interview, and then she just watches the video and figures out her strengths and weaknesses.  Once she has found some strengths, do more of those!  Once she has identified her weaknesses, she can find a way to improve.

  • Work on her English pronunciation and intonation.

Probably your Russian woman already knows whether her English pronunciation is good or not.  If her pronunciation is not good enough, she can study English phonetics intensively by reading a book on this topic or watching some videos on this topic on the Internet.

Another fun way to improve her English pronunciation and intonation is to find a celebrity who is a native speaker of English, and imitate the way she talks.  This can be done by watching her videos online.  Just make sure the celebrity chosen by your Russian lady is someone she likes and easy to emulate.  After doing this practice, not only will her pronunciation and intonation be improved, but also her charisma will be increased.job for country

  • Improve eye contact and body language.

Eye contact is sometimes considered to be a part of body language.  During the interaction with the interviewer, maintaining appropriate eye contact is a bonus.  When the interviewer is talking, your Russian stunner should look at their eyes.  When your Russian bride is talking, she may look away occasionally.  (If you follow this general rule, you immediately look more charismatic because in the western culture, that is how a charismatic person does during a conversation.)

Some candidates don’t know where to put their hands during the job interview.  A basic principle is: do not even think about your hands when you are having a conversation with the interviewer.  An advanced principle is: you should follow the interviewer’s habit – if the interviewer is animated, you should also use more gestures; if the examiner doesn’t have any gestures, then you should move less!  This is because people like those who have similar habits and behavior.

If your Russian mail-order bride has just finished writing the analytical report, she already has a pen in her hand, so naturally holding a pen in her hand is an easy way to lower her anxiety.

Your Russian mail-order bride would be well-advised to find a real job in a western country so that she can bring income to the marriage with you.

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