Find out more about Tender Tatyana from Nikolaev, Ukraine


36, Nikolaev, Ukraine
If you find yourself in Ukraine, ex soviet country you may have slight cultural shock. Ukraine is the country of controversy, bad roads, shaky economy but wonderful nature, hospitable people and charming girls.
Being in Ukraine you need to try famous red borsh and varenyky, these are the most popular traditional Ukrainian dishes. And for sure you need to drink kompot, non-alcohol beverage made from different kind of fruits.
Nikolaev the capital city of the Nikolaev region. It is one of the biggest shipbuilding centers of Ukraine. A lot of beautiful women live in this city and so many marriage agencies are located namely here, that people began to name Nikolaev- city of brides.

Ukrainian women are like sip of fresh air in still developing country. They love the nature, and harmony, they are passionate and burn like fire when they love.

They enjoy life and believe that nothing is impossible. Ukrainian girl has a broad mind and a sensitive heart. Most important for her is to find her own way in life. She always tries something new by making many mistakes. But namely these mistakes learn her to live correctly.
This lady has strong individuality and you may ask if she is so strong, why so many girls form Ukraine are on dating site. The answer will be very simple and obvious! Every strong woman wants to be weak and put her head on a man’s strong shoulder. It is sad but not all men from Ukraine can afford this…They are rude and ask from their woman too much. But woman wants to feel loved!!!
Tatyana, charming woman from Nikolaev, Ukraine is in search of her future man. She is gentle, feminine, hopeless romantic, caring and loving. She is altruist, likes communication; kind, cheerful and very sincere, person of many interests, smart and elegant. She has a talent to hear man, to understand him. She is non dramatic lady. All she wants is to make your future home full of love and care. She is waiting for new life! Just imagine early morning, you wake up because you feel the smell of coffee, she is standing next to you, embracing you gently, whispering in your ear “Good morning, sweetheart!” And this is a real happiness! Don’t you think so? Were you not looking namely for this all your life? Maybe Tatyana is that girl who will save you from loneliness.