What Bill Clinton Has to Teach you About Getting Attractive Girls?

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents of the United States because in the 90s when Bill Clinton was the US president, the American government was not in debt at all. It is clear that Bill Clinton’s economic achievement was huge. But at the same time, Bill Clinton is famous for something else – his dating skills are so phenomenal that we shouldn’t miss out on learning something very cool from him.Monica Lewinsky

Sexualize the interaction quickly while talking to an attractive woman. According to Monica’s Story (the authorized biography of Monica Lewinsky, written by Andrew Morton), when Bill Clinton officially met Monica Lewinsky for the first time, they had a pleasant conversation. At the end of the conversation, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky shook each other’s hands. While Bill Clinton was moving his hand away, his hand “accidentally” touched Monica’s breasts. No wonder Monica Lewinsky showed him her underwear later on. Application in your love life: When you are talking to a hot woman and can feel the connection between you two, figure out a way to sexualize the interaction quickly so that she is going to see you more than just a friend. That’s the best way to avoid being friend-zoned. For instance, you can “accidentally” touch her arm when you are reaching for a glass of wine; because the venue is noisy, you can say something near her ear and “accidentally” kiss her ear or make her sensitive ear feel your sexy breath. Now it’s hard for her to see you as just a friend.

Work on your charisma. If you watch the YouTube video in which Bill Clinton was debating as a candidate for the US president in the early 1990s, you’ll notice that he even won due to his charisma alone. Indeed, we all know that Bill Clinton is the most charismatic president in US history. Maybe you aren’t interested in becoming the world’s most influential leader, but you can certainly learn how his charisma works on beautiful women – when he is talking to a woman, he makes her feel that she is the only person in the room – the crowd around her disappear! Here is how he does it: When Bill Clinton is answering a question on the stage, he looks at the person’s eyes without breaking eye contact.

Now you are equipped with Bill Clinton’s top 3 dating strategies

And as he is ending the conversation, his feet change direction first (his body language indicates that he is going to end the discussion), but meanwhile, he has “sticky eyes”, i.e. he still doesn’t break the eye contact – it seems that there is some sticky toffee candy between his eyes and that person’s eyes. Then gradually, he breaks the eye contact. That’s the way to make that person feel that he/she is the only person in the room. Application in your love life: When you are talking to a hot girl, practice maintaining eye contact in a caring way (not in an intense way), and use “sticky eyes” when ending the conversation – you can always use your body language to indicate you are going to end the conversation first, but slowly, you move your eyes away.Dolly Kyle Browning

Cultivate a strong passion for sex. According to Dolly Kyle (author of Hillary, the Other Woman), Bill Clinton is a sex addict. Dolly Kyle is Bill Clinton’s ex-girlfriend who met Bill when she was 11 years old. Obviously, things that you are passionate about navigate towards you. Because Bill Clinton is passionate about sex, many women automatically found him and fell for him. From fengshui’s perspective, sex and money are from the same origin. Consequently, if someone is often engaged in sexual activity, it’s good for their personal finances as well. No wonder the United States enjoyed some very good time when it comes to economy in the 90s! (Good news: If you want to make more money, having more sex will help your financial energy, too!) If we want to make America great again, probably we need to have another president who has a passion for sex (Thank God – Donald Trump says he is very good in bed according to one of his books). Application in your love life: If you want to achieve a goal, you need to assess your values. If you don’t value sex, how can you expect hot women to find you attractive? You’ll be glad to know that you can decide which values are important to you based on what kind of goals you’d like to achieve. Therefore, it’s time to make sex one of your top values.

Now you are equipped with Bill Clinton’s top 3 dating strategies, and it’s very easy for you to read something useful and feel really good about it. So I’d like you to actually do something with what you’ve read today and literally practice these skills well.

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