True Stories Behind the Popular Croatian Women Dating Site

a smiling Croatian woman in the city

Some of my clients are interested in dating Croatian women, so they have tried Zoosk, a leading online dating site that has millions of members. They have met some very interesting Croatian girls. (Only first names are provided in the following stories in order to protect individuals’ privacy.)a beautiful young Croatian woman

The drag queen
Andy met Helena on Zoosk and was intrigued by Helena’s photos. She is a sensuous, feminine and attractive girl from Croatia in her late 20s. Andy is always interested in dating tall women, and he was very glad because Helena’s height is 178cm – that’s exactly what Andy is looking for.

Everything seemed to be perfect until their first date….
Andy: You are a tall girl, so have you considered being a model?
Helena: Yes, of course. In fact, I’m a part-time model.
Andy: Oh, really? What kind of fashion shows do you do?
Helena: I only do fashion shows for private clients.
Andy: What’s that about?
Helena: Well, I hope you have noticed that my voice is not quite feminine.
Andy: Hmmmm. You have a husky voice. Very sexy.
Helena: Actually, my voice is the only thing that’s obvious – I’m not a girl. I’m a guy.
Andy: You must be kidding me.
Helena: Maybe you didn’t read my profile carefully. On my online dating profile, I specifically mentioned that I’m a drag queen.

Andy: Did you? I thought you said drama queen. I didn’t notice that because I only paid attention to your photos! I don’t mind drama queens as long as they are hot Croatian girls. But since you are a drag queen, I think I have to go now.

Some of my clients are interested in dating Croatian women, so they have tried Zoosk, a leading online dating site that has millions of members.

The drama queena seductive Croatian woman
Matt met Ivana on Zoosk. Matt really liked Ivana’s name because he vaguely remembered that’s also a super model’s name.
On their first date….
Matt: You look really pretty today.
Ivana: Are you saying my photos look less pretty than myself?
Matt: No. I mean you are a gorgeous Croatian lady.
Ivana: That doesn’t sound very sincere. (She took out her mirror and a lipstick.) I can’t concentrate without my red lipstick on.
Matt: Sorry, I didn’t know when or how I offended you.
Ivana: I can only accept your apology if you buy me dinner next weekend as well.
Matt: That means you are happy to see me again, right?

Ivana: I’m not a needy girl! (She throws her mirror and her lipstick back into her bag.)

(Disclaimer: These are just two true stories that my clients Andy and Matt have experienced. Helena and Ivana do not represent the majority of women in Croatia, so don’t feel anxious while using Croatian women dating sites!)

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