A mini-questionnaire: How attractive are these hot girls from dating apps?


Yesterday our team conducted a mini-questionnaire featuring a few honest men who are happy to share their true answers. We showed them some hot girls’ photos from the best dating apps and asked for their opinions. Now let’s look at their honest answers (from the most attractive ladyto the least attractive woman).

#1 Sexy woman with thick lips (10/10)

Don: “She is extremely hot. I like her pink lips.  She looks so pretty, juicy and sexy. I find her shoulder irresistible, so I would definitely swipe right because she could be my Miss Right.”

Frank: “No matter she is my Miss Right or Miss Right Now, I must swipe right on her dating profile because she is absolutely stunning!”Sexy woman pick up

#2 Sweet Asian girl in a pink dress (9/10)

Don: “This Asian woman is very cute. She reminds me of Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. Her body is slim, although she has a chubby face. But I pay more attention to a woman’s body, so I still like her.”

Frank: “Yes, this is a very good-looking Asian lady. She looks so feminine, traditional and elegant. I’m so attracted to her. I’m just wondering… why such a hot Asian beauty needs to join a dating app? Isn’t she already surrounded by lots of options in real life?”Sweet Asian girl

#3 Pretty girl with big breasts (8/10)

Don: “Actually, I looked at her breasts before looking at her face because her tits are so big. Hopefully those aren’t implants or padded bra because I only like real boobs that are big enough.”

Frank: “She looks horny, innocent and pretty at the same time. That’s a unique combination that I really, really like. I must say that I swiped right on her profile already. I hope she likes me, too.”Pretty girl with big breasts

#4 Young woman in red (7/10)

Don: “This woman looks too young for me. I know she is already over 18, but she looks like a 15-year-old girl. I’m not a fan. Sorry about that!”

Frank: “Sorry, she looks like a doll rather than a real person. I don’t like her face which only reminds me of a rag doll. Personally, I prefer mature women who look sophisticated and behave in a classy way, so I think I will swipe left on this young lady’s dating profile.”Young woman in red

#5 Hot girl with big eyes (6/10)

Don: “This picture is probably done by Meitu, a Chinese mobile application which beautifies any photo automatically. I don’t think this woman actually looks like that, so I will surely swipe left on her profile! I only adore authentic women.”

Frank: “She looks like an Instagram model in my opinion. I personally don’t like social media influencers because I’ve met many real celebrities and internet celebrities due to the nature of my work – I know traditional celebrities are generally very nice to people because they know how hard they have to work in order to achieve their success and get so many people’s admiration, but internet celebrities such as Instagram influencers have no idea what it takes to become rich and famous. That’s why they are so entitled and difficult! Since this pretty woman looks like an Instagram celebrity, I must swipe left.”Hot girl with big eyes

#6 Asian woman in a white outfit (5/10)

Don: “This is the only woman without makeup on a dating app. I must swipe right.”

Frank: “I like women without makeup because they look more authentic in this way. However, I have to admit that some women must wear makeup every time they go out. Sorry, I must swipe left this time.”Asian woman in a white outfit

#7 Athletic woman wearing pink bikini (4/10)

Don: “She looks like Blake Lively, but this is not my type. I’m not interested in women with muscles. And I don’t need to apologize for being honest.”

Frank: “She looks so old. And I probably have to apologize for telling the truth.”Athletic woman wearing pink bikini

#8 Powerful woman with a mole (3/10)

Don: “I don’t want to kiss her mole while making out with her. It’s just such a turn-off.”

Frank: “To be frank, she looks too intimidating. I’m terrified.”Powerful woman with a mole

#9 Blonde wearing fish net stockings (2/10)

Don: “Fish net stockings aren’t my thing. I think that only makes her look like a slut or a hooker without class.”

Frank: “She needs to dye her hair again – if she wants to be blonde, she must keep dying her hair every month. I can’t even look at the dark root of her hair.  To be honest, if her hair is so high-maintenance, I probably shouldn’t swipe right.”9 Blonde wearing fish net stockings

#10 Young girl wearing blue jeans (1/10)

Don: “She doesn’t even know how to dress up. And that’s her best photo for her dating profile?! That’s a bit ridiculous. I can’t see the beauty in her pants.”

Frank: “The entire setting is wrong. I really don’t know why she has that logo on the wall. That indicates lack of taste.”Young girl wearing blue jeans

#11 Young lady wearing red lipstick (0/10)

Don: “This young woman’s face looks a bit weird. I don’t like women wearing red lipstick because I don’t think I can kiss red lips like that. I remember my first ex-girlfriend was wearing red lipstick and I made out with her on our first date. Unfortunately, my face was red because of her red lipstick & I was told off by my mom that night. Maybe that’s why I have negative associations with red lipstick, although I know that many old money rich women prefer classic red lipstick because of their elegance.”

Frank: “Her face doesn’t have basic symmetry, so I’m not into her. Usually, I look at a woman’s face first. If a woman’s face is good-looking, I will look at her boobs and ass. Then I’ll decide whether she is a hot girl or not. If her face isn’t attractive, I won’t keep looking at her. Yes, a pretty face is the gate keeper.”Young lady wearing red lipstick

          Do you agree with these two gentlemen’s opinions? (Disclaimer: Don and Frank’s opinions don’t represent iDateAdvice’s opinion or the author’s opinion; if you look like one of these women in the photos, it’s purely a coincidence & shouldn’t be taken seriously.)

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