Top 5 best gay dating apps of 2019

top 5 gay dating apps 2017

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of “A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”

Before you decide which gay app to use to upgrade your love life this year, let’s have a look at the best gay dating apps on the market first!


Grindr logoLaunched in 2009, Grindr is the world’s most successful gay dating app.  It connects gay men and bisexual men all over the world.  Grindr has over 5 million members around the world.  The best feature of Grindr is connecting with the closest gay men in your location using this app, no matter where you are.  The No.1 priority in dating is proximity.  The beauty of Grindr is the list of available users that you see in your location keeps changing when you change your location.

Users’ comments:

Grindr is really cool because it emphasizes immediacy of connection which is a very important part of gay relationships.  I have met a very high-value man via Grindr after using this app for a week.” (Nick, San Francisco)

“Excellent app.  Outstanding results.  I have been using Grindr for two years and have encountered at least 20 great guys!” (Robert, London)

“This app gives me instant success in my love life.  I know I can meet someone suitable in a few days if I keep looking at the list on my phone, and it has already happened again and again.” (Jim, Houston)


Growlr dating appGROWLr is a gay dating app which caters for bears who are looking for other bears.  In case you don’t know the lingo, bear means masculine gay men.  This app is created for bears by bears in 2010.  Therefore, GROWLr is a one-stop place for members who either belong to this community or feel like trying this lifestyle.  This is the ultimate social network for gay bears on the market.

Users’ comments:

“I started to use GROWLr in 2014.  At that time, this app was regarded as the best hookup app of the year.  Yes, I hooked up with some bears through this app.  Later on, GROWLr has become a more mainstream gay dating app, so now I use this app to look for more.” (Joe, New York)

“Great experience.  I met all my lovers from this app and I want to recommend GROWLr to all bears in the world.  Don’t miss out on such a fantastic service.” (Jack, Los Angeles)

“A friend of mine recommended GROWLr to me because he got some amazing results from this service.  After trying it for a month, I am in love with this app.  Seriously perfect!” (Liam, Sydney)


Jack'd dating appJack’d seems to have the most diverse community of members that are broken down into what Jack’d refers to as ‘scenes’ – Bears, Twinks, Big Muscles, Strictly Friends, Long Term Relationship (LTR) and Bi/Straight-curious.  So you can see Jack’d makes dating much easier for you by helping you choose which scene you identify with.

Users’ comments:

“The sub-communities in Jack’d is the best feature of all!  I was in Strictly Friends’ scene before, and this year I’ve decided to join LTR scene which is absolutely amazing.  This gay dating app is the best because no matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, you will find it here!” (Seth, Manchester)

“I have tried many different gay dating apps before and I only like Jack’d because it gives me exactly what I’m looking for.” (Richard, Toronto)

“I recommend Jack’d to all my gay friends who deserve the best experience in life.” (Stephen, Washington, D.C.)

There are indeed some really good gay dating apps on the market that can help you transform your love life in 2017.  Therefore, I would like you to at least try one of these apps and see what happens.


Hornet dating appWith a staggering database of more than seven million members, Hornet claims to be one of the best gay social networks on the market.  Apart from gay men, Hornet also caters for the needs of bisexual men and straight men who are curious.  No matter you are looking for new friends or a serious long-term partner, Hornet can help you.  Because its members are from all over the world, this app has different languages for you to choose: English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, and so forth.  Therefore, no matter where you live in the world, you can use Hornet easily.  The best feature of this app is: You can virtually tweak your location and view others’ profiles from another city.  Also, this app allows you to share your HIV status and reminds members when to get tested for HIV.  So it is a gay dating app that truly cares about you.

Users’ comments:

“I really like the explore feature of this app.  It allows me to mingle with gay men before I even go to another city.” (Xavier, Philadelphia)

“This app has a notes feature which allows me to jot down important notes about the man I am interested in so that I can easily recall names of my prospective matches.” (Nathan, Seattle)

Hornet is an affordable gay dating app.  It doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket and it has been proved to be great.” (Frank, Austin)


Established in Germany in 2002, PlanetRomeo has become an international gay dating platform.  This app is hugely popular in Europe and now it’s becoming more and more popular in other countries/regions as well.  This app offers a wealth of information about health and safe sex, so its members are looked after very well.  It is available in 25 different languages and has at least 3 million active users.

Users’ comments:

Beautiful app.  I have met my partner through PlanetRomeo and we are going to get married in 2017.” (Larry, Boston)

“This is the only gay dating app that I use because I can meet so many local gay men from this app.” (Dale, Berlin)

“I highly recommend PlanetRomeo because it is so user-friendly and most importantly, it brings me the results that I want.” (Simone, Rome)

Now you can see there are indeed some really good gay dating apps on the market that can help you transform your love life in 2017.  Therefore, I would like you to at least try one of these apps and see what happens.

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