Tips from Insiders: How to use marriage agencies in Asia


International marriage agencies in Asia are becoming more and more popular nowadays, partly because Asian women are the best (they are good in bed, age well, respect their husbands and want to look after kids), and partly because travelling to Asia is cheaper than travelling to East Europe where there are also many mail order brides. We have interviewed a few insiders who work for marriage agencies in Asia and they have kindly shared their advice with us.

  • A legitimate marriage agency in Asia should have an official website. Please note that you can use Norton’s online safety tool (i.e., browser extension) to test whether a website is safe or not. Once you’ve installed that software, you should be able to surf the Internet with confidence, knowing that any suspicious sites are blocked automatically. Therefore, when you can visit a legitimate website run by a marriage agency in Asia, you will know it’s safe. This is 2019 (not 1979), so gone are the days when western men received catalogues in the mail and had to choose a mail order bride in the catalogue. These days you should be able to view an Asian mail order bride’s dating profile online. If you receive a letter from an “Asian marriage agency” by post without an official website, please ignore that freaking junk letter!date Asian women
  • An international marriage agency in Asia always has an office in a western country. As an international marriage agency in Asia, it can’t survive without an office in a foreign country. In order to make sure the agency can operate normally, it has to either establish an office in a western country or find a business partner in a western country to represent them. Let me put it this way: If you run an export-import business, you should have a company to export products in one country and also a company to import products in another country, right? I do apologise if you find this analogy offensive or inappropriate, but that’s the easiest way to help you understand how it works.International marriage agencies in Asia
  • If you are not sure, always look for the big international dating sites. Actually, most international dating websites are run by international marriage agencies anyway. Hence, that’s the best way to use a marriage agency in Asia where the population is big enough. In addition, make sure you read the “about us” page of an international dating site – if the company is based in China, chances are the website is more reliable because there are enough Chinese women who want to marry western men. But if the company is based in North Korea, you should think again – do people in North Korea even have access to the Internet? The answer is probably no, because the Internet is only provided for tourists to use in North Korea. Usually, those Asian dating sites are run by Chinese companies based in big cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing in China. Of course, if you prefer South Asian ladies with darker skin (the natural tan), probably you want to use a marriage agency in the Philippines. But statistics show that the majority of men who want to date Asian women prefer East Asian girls with fair skin. If you are one of them, you should probably focus on meeting Chinese ladies because there are fewer Japanese and Korean women on international dating sites (the population in Japan and South Korea isn’t big enough).mail order brides’ service in Asia
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, there are some free dating sites on the Internet and they are also legitimate dating websites because they monetise their sites by running ads, which is fair enough. However, if you are looking for an Asian wife, probably you should join a better dating site which charges a membership fee because you don’t want to take a risk like that – many free dating websites have a lot of scammers. But when there is a paywall, scammers are usually blocked automatically because most scammers wouldn’t pay a website in the first place (they want to be paid!) Also, if you decide to hire a marriage agency in Asia, you need to know that the pricing can vary – it all depends on what kind of services you want. Sometimes a mail order brides’ service in Asia can easily charge you $15,000 – $20,000 if the introduction is successful.
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