Signs that tell you the hot girl wants to dump you

hot girl wants to dump you

Women has an advantage that men don’t really have – women’s intuition is much stronger than men. Whenever there is a problem, women will know it first. Women are very good at noticing vibes and energy quickly. But men are a bit slow in this regard. Therefore, today I’d like to talk about how to identify some signs that indicate your hot girlfriend wants to break up with you.

  • She suddenly becomes busy. Usually, love is a woman’s No. 1 priority. Women who don’t prioritise their love life are as rare as unicorns. That’s why chick flicks are all romantic movies. So, when you notice that your sexy girlfriend becomes very busy suddenly, that’s a sign – sheis possibly planning on leaving you. Now she is busy with study or work. She is busy seeing her friends. She is busy with other areas of her life. These are all bullshit because the real factor is she wants to dump you.
  • She suddenly chooses her clothes carefully and wears makeup before going out alone. Previously, your beautiful girlfriend was a natural beauty – she looks good enough without expensive clothes and makeup. But now she has become different because she always chooses her outfit meticulously before she goes out all by herself. And she also makes sure that her makeup and hair are perfectly done when she isn’t going out with you. Then you should be aware that she is probably seeing someone else outside. Remember that the primary reason why women work on their grooming, fashion and personal style is to attract men!
  • She needs to go to the balcony when she talks on the phone. In the past, it was okay for you to look at her phone. But now she has changed: her phone is always locked with a password that you don’t even know. And whenever she talks with someone on the phone, she actually goes to the balcony to do it. It suggests that she is probably having an affair with another guy or she is discussing with her family and friends regarding how to break up with you.Women are very good
  • She has disappearing acts. There is a movie called Disappearing Acts. But now I’m talking about your sexy girlfriend’s disappearing acts: She is slowly, gradually moving her stuff out of the apartment that she is sharing with you; she has work events that she must attend, so she can’t have dinner with you every night; she stops bringing her family and friends to visit you. These are big signs which tell you she is probably going to disappear from your life forever.
  • She doesn’t want to communicate with you that much. Most hot women love talking to their men, so if your lady isn’t interested in talking to you anymore, you should know there must be a problem. Yes, there is an issue for sure because chances are she has something that is hidden from you. Another possibility is she has lied to you already and it’s hard for her to keep her lies look real for a long time, because in order to make one lie look real, she probably has to come up with many other lies to cover it up! That’s why she would rather be silent and begin to believe in “silence is golden” now.
  • She is banking with a different bank now. This is a tricky one because it’s difficult for you to find it out. However, there is a way to know what she is up to – when she is in the shower and forgets to shut down her computer, you can check her browsing history. Maybe you will see that she uses online banking with another bank now. If that happens, you know something is very wrong because at least it means she is involved in financial infidelity. The No. 1 thing sexy women would do when they want to dump their men is to put their money away from their relationships. Well, if she always deletes her browsing history every 20 minutes, that’s another sign which tells you she has something to hide from you, because most people only delete their browsing history once a day maximum unless they have women love
  • She is looking for excuses to ruin this relationship. Some gorgeous girls look for ways to start an argument with their boyfriends simply because they want to end their relationships. If your hot lady is looking for excuses to start a fight with you frequently, you should know that she is probably considering ending this relationship, so she needs to find an excuse first.
  • Always protect yourself. Remember: You must put yourself first. You are the most important person in this universe. You only have one life. If you don’t put yourself first, sooner or later you will feel exhausted, jaded and disappointed & you can’t look after others either. Hence, no matter what happens, you should always look after your own health, wealth and well-being. Good luck!

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