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asked 5 years ago

Is it normal for a single mom to date a bachelor?

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Yes, it’s very normal.
There are many single moms who look very hot, so bachelors are attracted to them!
Having said that, many men don’t want to date single moms due to the following reasons:
1) When you date a single mom, you are not her priority. Her kids are her priority forever.
2) A single mom’s ex is always present in her life because they have kids together.
3) A single mom’s financial situation is oftentimes questionable because most single moms find it difficult to support their kids financially – you know how expensive kids are these days.
4) If you marry a single mom, that means you will raise someone else’s kids. Therefore, maybe your Return on Investment (ROI) is zero in the future. If you raise your own kids, you will get something back in future.
5) Many single moms don’t want to have more kids, so if you are a bachelor without kids, you probably want your own kids as well. Then you have to negotiate with the single mom who already has kids!
6) Trying to get along with her kids is a strain.
7) When you break up with a single mom, you will possibly miss her kids more than you miss her. Sad but quite possible – a guy who dated a single mom told me that he missed those kids and their dogs much more than he missed that single mom.
8) Her ex-partner may be jealous and envy you. You don’t want to deal with that when it happens. If her ex is a stalker, that’s even worse. You might even have to call the police at times.
9) If the single mom you are dating has a daughter, the daughter might fall in love with you – do you want to handle that? If you reject the daughter, the daughter may hate you forever. Are you sure you want to do that?

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